4 Core Training Exercises For Batsmen

During a break in the filming of Kevin Pietersen's coaching course, KP and I got to chatting about fitness training. He said he spent a lot of his gym time working on his core. It wasn’t just so he could look good on the beach between matches. He knows instinctively that the core is crucial to batting power. That’s because timing and power with the bat are all based on the ability to transfer your weight from the ground, through your body and into the ball.
10 October 2012

Batsmen: Don't Make This Mistake When You Get A Full Toss

The full toss is rated next to the rank half tracker when it comes to the top 5 worst balls a bowler can bowl. But worryingly for batsmen the full-toss is often in line with the stumps.
2 October 2012

How To Stick To Your Winter Training Plan

When winter training starts we are all filled with hope and optimism for a stellar summer ahead. Then life gets in the way, we lose motivation and fall back into old habits. The Grand Plan is lost for another season. But not this year.
25 September 2012

5 Myths That Stop You Getting The Runs And Wickets You Deserve

I have been coaching and playing cricket for decades. Every year I come across the same frustrating attitudes that stop people reaching their potential. It all happens long before the season starts. People mess up their pre-season training and simply never recover when the weather improves.
20 September 2012

5 Fielding Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

From the 6 year old beginner to the established Academy cricketer, here the 5 most common mistakes I see everyone making in the field from time to time. Maybe they are small but all are crucial as a mistake has bigger consequences.
12 September 2012

2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Slip Catching

There are two types of fielders; people who are allowed to field in the slips and those who aren't. This is more down to the fielder's reactions that their ability to catch.
4 September 2012

2 Simple Ways To Innovate Without Switch Hit Or Helicopter Shot

KP has the switch-hit, Dilshan has the Dil-scoop and Dhoni has the Helicopter shot. As club cricketers we can't use any of these high risk shots without looking foolish. Our success rate is minimal. But this doesn't mean us mere mortals can’t play any innovative shots to aid run rates.
28 August 2012

How to Move Smoothly Into the First Team

Whether it's throwing yourself around in the field or offering to be chief ball shiner; make your non-skill related attributes shine. Then after playing in the team for a few hours or a whole game, try to evaluate what you personally can bring to mark your presence in the team and on the game.
21 August 2012

How To Use Momentum To Win Cricket Matches

They say that winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is losing. But you can use momentum to carry your team into winning ways; one innings at a time. So, momentum is a very real thing that we focus on during our games. Imagine it, you win the toss and choose to bat.
1 August 2012

Mind The Windows Tino: How To Turn Mindless Chatter Into Mental Disintegration

Are you an intelligent effective sledger or simply an abusive unoriginal fool? We have all come across the person who states the obvious facts about the batsman’s weight, equipment or even their hair style.
17 July 2012

Why Becoming A Rock Star Is The Key To Your Cricket Success

Do you want to be the best cricketer you can be? It's time to take a leaf from the music world and become a rock star.
10 July 2012

How to Keep Wicket with Sore Hands

Wicketkeeping is a tough job. It's made more difficult when you have been keeping a lot because your hands get bruised and sore. When the ball thuds into your gloves hard and you wince, it’s only natural to become reluctant to catch the ball. When that happens you start making simple mistakes and looking foolish.
3 July 2012

How To Give The Lad A Go

The jump from junior to senior cricket is a big one. Many don't make it and are lost to cricket; dropping out when they finish age-group cricket.
12 June 2012

The Secrets Of Getting Wickets When You Are Military Medium

Bowling is exciting when there is pace and power around, but the real work in the club game is done by the medium pace bowler.
6 June 2012

Tactics You Should Be Using: Finish With Spin

Think of the death of a typical top-level one day game: The quicks always finish the game. It makes sense to follow their lead at club level.
29 May 2012

4 Ways to Change Your Club Training Culture

Does your club train in the way that gets the best results? Given the chance, I'm sure you would be quick to change some frustration or other you feel about training.
15 May 2012

A Typical Summer Week For An Injury-Free Club Fast Bowler

Staying healthy during the season is one of the biggest challenges to fast bowlers at every level.
9 May 2012

The Myth of Batting Footwork (And How to Really Fix Your Footwork Problem)

When you first walk out to bat you can find yourself "stuck" on the crease: you don't get to the pitch of the ball and you end up playing a loose shot.
1 May 2012

How To Get Variety In Your Bowling Attack

How many times has a left arm seamer been picked because they offer "variety"?
24 April 2012

How To Break Into Professional Cricket - What's The Age Barrier?

Dirk Nannes didn't listen to conventional advice. The wise sages of cricket all agree: If you have not made it into a first-class setup by the time you are 18, you may as well be on the cricketing scrap heap.
17 April 2012