Become A Dependable Batsman By Improving Your Temperament

How many times in your matches have you played a rash stroke and regretted it later? It's all down to temperament.
6 March 2012

3 Reasons Why Good Bowlers Want The Keeper To Stand Up

Ego has been the downfall of many a cricketer. Consider the good batsman who gets himself out against a part-time bowler.
22 February 2012

6 Proven Bowling Practices That Are Better Than Having Nets

Despite the fact that nets are a multifunctional tool for improving bowling skills, they are used poorly by bowlers.
14 February 2012

Improve Your Keeper, Improve Your Team

You never see a good side with a bad wicketkeeper. By definition a team that is taking wickets has to have a brave, alert and vocal gloveman who holds his catches and keeps fielding standards high. Despite this, wicketkeeping skills are often ignored at practice.
7 February 2012

4 Ways Television Has Changed Club Cricket

TV has a direct influence on club cricket. I was playing a game not long after the review system was introduced to Test matches. Without TV cameras and technology at our game there was no chance of a review.
24 January 2012

Pietersen Shows You How To Keep Calm And Smash It

PitchVision Academy is delighted to present Kevin Pietersen as the man behind Keep Calm and Smash It, the online batting coaching course. Revolution is an overused word but if one person personifies revolution it’s KP. And for the first time he is about to revolutionise the way you bat too.
17 January 2012

Pitchvision Gears Up For Cricket Resource Show

PitchVision is going to be showcased during the Cricket Resource Show series in three UK cities. Come down and experience using the same technology as first class players and facilities including the ECB High Performance centre in Loughborough, ICC Global Academy Dubai and Lords MCC are using.
13 January 2012

Revealed: The Dirty Little Secret That Makes The Best Fast Bowlers

I hate to break it to you, but elite players are keeping secrets from you. There is something the professional bowlers and coaches don't tell you about being a stellar fast bowler.
20 December 2011

Can We Really Trust Batting Helmets?

We'll do anything to look the part on a cricket field, to belong and to feel part of the tribe of cricketers.
13 December 2011

Desmond Haynes Joins PitchVision Academy Coaching Panel

Desmond Haynes, the former West Indies opener, has been appointed to the International coaching panel of PitchVision Academy. Haynes is the latest coach to provide online coaching to grass-roots cricketers and coaches through the portal.
8 December 2011

Why Slow Scoring Batsmen Are OK

Batsmen who like to take their time over scoring runs are seen as selfish. But there are times when slow scoring is essential to the success of a team's innings.
6 December 2011

Equally Cursed And Blessed: What Makes A Player Built For Fast Bowling?

Andrew Flintoff, it was often said, was not built for fast bowling. The stresses of the action eventually forced him to retire through injury.
29 November 2011

How To Cause Pain And Injury In A Fast Bowler

More bowlers than ever these days are reporting to their coaches with a niggle or problem, especially in the lower back. Fast bowling coach Ian Pont says he has never seen so many young players with so many problems. So chances are you are hurting.
15 November 2011

Can You Improve Your Cricket Fitness In 15 Minutes?

Can you improve your cricket fitness in 15 minutes? Everyone is busy these days. It's tough enough to find enough time to play cricket, let alone train. But you already know how important it is to be fit for cricket.
8 November 2011

Former England Coach Leads New Cricket Education Series

Former England Assistant Coach and Cricket Ireland Performance Director Mark Garaway has today announced he is heading up a new online cricket coach development programme at
21 October 2011

Get Out Of Your Form Slump, Even When You Don't Have Class

Who comes to mind when you think of a player with class? Perhaps your mind brings you to Michael Vaughan's cover drive, or Shane Warne's constantly accurate variations. Whoever it was, you can be sure they went through some kind of slump in form during their career.
18 October 2011

How To Motivate Young Cricketers

As a coach, have you ever wondered about the talented player who seems to cruise without putting in the hard yards? How much better would Player A be, you wonder, if only he had the motivation of the les talented Player B? The frustrating part is that motivation is more complicated that a simply telling Jimmy to buck up his ideas.
12 October 2011

Boot Camp: The Inside Track On Cricket Footwear

Admit it, you under-appreciate your feet. During a hard game you are on them for 2-3 hours at a time, working with your ankles and legs to keep you upright, balanced and performing to your best.
5 October 2011

6 Ways To Become A Better Number Three Batsman

The number three position is the most difficult at any level. That's why the position is filled with the best player in the side: Richards, Bradman, Dravid. What can we learn from these great names that can be taken into our own game?
28 September 2011

JP Duminy Reveals Batting Secrets Online With PitchVision Academy

South African International batsman JP Duminy today announced a major new coaching course revealing his never-before demonstrated batting secrets - all delivered online at And there is plenty to learn from one of the most exciting talents in modern cricket: JP broke into the Western Province at just 18 before being selected for South Africa at 20. He is an IPL superstar and has been valued at a reserve busting $950,000.
6 September 2011


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