Why Fast Bowlers Can Forget Jogging

Long, slow distance running is not the way to get fit for bowling. Many have argued the opposite. For example Mike Selvey when talking about former England bowler Bob Willis said...
15 January 2013

5 Cheap But Effective Cricket Innovations To Improve Your Game

Using technology to improve your cricket isn't always about spending a lot of money. Sometimes you can get excellent results without a large investment upfront. But you have to be careful too. There are many products on the market making big claims. Not all of them are as good as they make out. So here are 5 of my top picks for technology that you can pick up cheaply and make a difference to your game.
9 January 2013

There Is No Such Thing As The X-Factor In Becoming A Cricketer

A lot of people say that to be a professional cricketer you need that special indefinable "x-factor". It’s a magical trait that you either have, or not. If you don’t have it you will never get it. This is lazy thinking.
18 December 2012

Don't Do These 5 Things When Bowling Fast

Even after all your practice, you are not searing the ball down to the other end and scaring opposition batsmen. In times like this it's often the case that you are better off learning what NOT to do. So with that in mind, here are the 5 most common mistakes fast bowlers make when learning the art:
11 December 2012

Chance To Play: How To Join A Cricket Academy

You have heard the advice about how to become a cricketer. Get into a good Academy and the top quality coaching will send your game to the next level. Whether you are in Delhi, Manchester or Sydney, the word "Academy" is shorthand for "excellence" and "success". But how do you get in there in the first place?
4 December 2012

How To Make A Bad Cricket Ball Swing

A fellow coach and I were speaking last night about a perennial problem in our team: the ball stops swinging very early.
27 November 2012

6 Shortcuts For Becoming An Excellent Batsman In Record Time

You're impatient. You want success and you want it fast. But batting is frustrating.
21 November 2012

Umpire's Call: Why DRS Is Changing Grass-Roots Cricket

It seems a Test series can't be played without a controversy around the Decision Review System (DRS) technology. The system has utilised computer modelling and even military grade heat cameras to help the top level come to the right decision. There is a knock on effect to the games played at grass-roots level, even when the highest-tech item on the oval is a cricket bat.
13 November 2012

How To Coach Your Club Like You Are Working With England Players

Coaching panel member Iain Brunnschweiler is a former professional player and a coach at Hampshire and England's Development Programme. In this article he gives an insight into a recent high performance camp he ran. During a recent training camp put on for a group of talented 16 and 17 year-olds in the England Development Programme, we ran a series of competitive scenarios.
6 November 2012

How To Quickly Pick Line And Length

Research has show the simple truth: the better the batsman you are the faster you pick up the line and length of the bowler. But how do you do that so you can emulate the likes of Kevin Pietersen who seems to have so much time he knows what the bowler has bowled before the bowler even knows?
30 October 2012

Bat The Indiana Jones Way

In the classic movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones is faced with a problem. Trying to make a run for it he is intercepted by an intimidating swordsman doing tricks with a sword that the hat and whip had no chance against.
24 October 2012

4 Core Training Exercises For Batsmen

During a break in the filming of Kevin Pietersen's coaching course, KP and I got to chatting about fitness training. He said he spent a lot of his gym time working on his core. It wasn’t just so he could look good on the beach between matches. He knows instinctively that the core is crucial to batting power. That’s because timing and power with the bat are all based on the ability to transfer your weight from the ground, through your body and into the ball.
10 October 2012

Batsmen: Don't Make This Mistake When You Get A Full Toss

The full toss is rated next to the rank half tracker when it comes to the top 5 worst balls a bowler can bowl. But worryingly for batsmen the full-toss is often in line with the stumps.
2 October 2012

How To Stick To Your Winter Training Plan

When winter training starts we are all filled with hope and optimism for a stellar summer ahead. Then life gets in the way, we lose motivation and fall back into old habits. The Grand Plan is lost for another season. But not this year.
25 September 2012

5 Myths That Stop You Getting The Runs And Wickets You Deserve

I have been coaching and playing cricket for decades. Every year I come across the same frustrating attitudes that stop people reaching their potential. It all happens long before the season starts. People mess up their pre-season training and simply never recover when the weather improves.
20 September 2012

5 Fielding Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

From the 6 year old beginner to the established Academy cricketer, here the 5 most common mistakes I see everyone making in the field from time to time. Maybe they are small but all are crucial as a mistake has bigger consequences.
12 September 2012

2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Slip Catching

There are two types of fielders; people who are allowed to field in the slips and those who aren't. This is more down to the fielder's reactions that their ability to catch.
4 September 2012

2 Simple Ways To Innovate Without Switch Hit Or Helicopter Shot

KP has the switch-hit, Dilshan has the Dil-scoop and Dhoni has the Helicopter shot. As club cricketers we can't use any of these high risk shots without looking foolish. Our success rate is minimal. But this doesn't mean us mere mortals can’t play any innovative shots to aid run rates.
28 August 2012

How to Move Smoothly Into the First Team

Whether it's throwing yourself around in the field or offering to be chief ball shiner; make your non-skill related attributes shine. Then after playing in the team for a few hours or a whole game, try to evaluate what you personally can bring to mark your presence in the team and on the game.
21 August 2012

How To Use Momentum To Win Cricket Matches

They say that winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is losing. But you can use momentum to carry your team into winning ways; one innings at a time. So, momentum is a very real thing that we focus on during our games. Imagine it, you win the toss and choose to bat.
1 August 2012