How to Keep Wicket with Sore Hands

Wicketkeeping is a tough job. It's made more difficult when you have been keeping a lot because your hands get bruised and sore. When the ball thuds into your gloves hard and you wince, it’s only natural to become reluctant to catch the ball. When that happens you start making simple mistakes and looking foolish.
3 July 2012

How To Give The Lad A Go

The jump from junior to senior cricket is a big one. Many don't make it and are lost to cricket; dropping out when they finish age-group cricket.
12 June 2012

The Secrets Of Getting Wickets When You Are Military Medium

Bowling is exciting when there is pace and power around, but the real work in the club game is done by the medium pace bowler.
6 June 2012

Tactics You Should Be Using: Finish With Spin

Think of the death of a typical top-level one day game: The quicks always finish the game. It makes sense to follow their lead at club level.
29 May 2012

4 Ways to Change Your Club Training Culture

Does your club train in the way that gets the best results? Given the chance, I'm sure you would be quick to change some frustration or other you feel about training.
15 May 2012

A Typical Summer Week For An Injury-Free Club Fast Bowler

Staying healthy during the season is one of the biggest challenges to fast bowlers at every level.
9 May 2012

The Myth of Batting Footwork (And How to Really Fix Your Footwork Problem)

When you first walk out to bat you can find yourself "stuck" on the crease: you don't get to the pitch of the ball and you end up playing a loose shot.
1 May 2012

How To Get Variety In Your Bowling Attack

How many times has a left arm seamer been picked because they offer "variety"?
24 April 2012

How To Break Into Professional Cricket - What's The Age Barrier?

Dirk Nannes didn't listen to conventional advice. The wise sages of cricket all agree: If you have not made it into a first-class setup by the time you are 18, you may as well be on the cricketing scrap heap.
17 April 2012

Here's A Simple Way to Improve Your Strike Rotation

Ask any club captain and one of the first things he will bemoan about his team is the lack of ability to rotate the strike. Sure, decent batsmen put the bad ball away. It’s not so easy when the pitch is tricky, the bowling is tight and the field is set to squeeze. The run rate drops and you find it difficult to set a total.
28 March 2012

How To Coach Batsmen To Daddy Hundreds

Former England batsman Graeme Gooch is known for advising players to score "daddy" hundreds: When you get your eye in, take the chance and score very big. It's sound advice that as a coach you have no doubt given to players. Yet the way we practice is the opposite of the way we score big runs. It's no wonder players score a pretty 25 and get out to a lazy shot.
13 March 2012

'Switch Hit Like Kevin' - Pietersen's New Coaching Course

Kevin Pietersen, renowned international cricket sensation, is contributing to his legacy in British cricket and unveiling the secrets of his batting techniques by launching an online batting coaching course teaching cricket enthusiasts how to achieve his signature moves including the ‘Switch Hit’.
8 March 2012

Become A Dependable Batsman By Improving Your Temperament

How many times in your matches have you played a rash stroke and regretted it later? It's all down to temperament.
6 March 2012

3 Reasons Why Good Bowlers Want The Keeper To Stand Up

Ego has been the downfall of many a cricketer. Consider the good batsman who gets himself out against a part-time bowler.
22 February 2012

6 Proven Bowling Practices That Are Better Than Having Nets

Despite the fact that nets are a multifunctional tool for improving bowling skills, they are used poorly by bowlers.
14 February 2012

Improve Your Keeper, Improve Your Team

You never see a good side with a bad wicketkeeper. By definition a team that is taking wickets has to have a brave, alert and vocal gloveman who holds his catches and keeps fielding standards high. Despite this, wicketkeeping skills are often ignored at practice.
7 February 2012

4 Ways Television Has Changed Club Cricket

TV has a direct influence on club cricket. I was playing a game not long after the review system was introduced to Test matches. Without TV cameras and technology at our game there was no chance of a review.
24 January 2012

Pietersen Shows You How To Keep Calm And Smash It

PitchVision Academy is delighted to present Kevin Pietersen as the man behind Keep Calm and Smash It, the online batting coaching course. Revolution is an overused word but if one person personifies revolution it’s KP. And for the first time he is about to revolutionise the way you bat too.
17 January 2012

Pitchvision Gears Up For Cricket Resource Show

PitchVision is going to be showcased during the Cricket Resource Show series in three UK cities. Come down and experience using the same technology as first class players and facilities including the ECB High Performance centre in Loughborough, ICC Global Academy Dubai and Lords MCC are using.
13 January 2012

Revealed: The Dirty Little Secret That Makes The Best Fast Bowlers

I hate to break it to you, but elite players are keeping secrets from you. There is something the professional bowlers and coaches don't tell you about being a stellar fast bowler.
20 December 2011