Total Cricket Scorer Goes Mobile

Total Cricket Scorer Goes Mobile
Total Cricket Scorer Goes Mobile

Total Cricket Scorer (TCS), the world market leader and most advanced, stable and user-friendly cricket scoring software available, is pleased to announce the launch of its iPad and iPhone apps.  These apps complement TCS’s existing cricket-scoring software and Android application.

Supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and used by professional and amateur scorers around the globe, the TCS software is the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable scoring software available and is suitable for all forms of the game, at every level.  The TCS software has been in use for over 6 years, during which time the team have worked closely with scorers and analysts to ensure their system can accurately and easily record any event that occurs on the field.

"With the launch of our iPad and iPhone apps, we are bringing our state of the art scoring system to cricket fans everywhere,” explains Lee Marmara, Director of TCS. “If it’s a coach scoring a colts game, an ECB Premier league scorer, or a County scorer they all can now use the same software to provide their players with the most complete scoring record and analysis."

TCS caters to all the needs of the advanced scorer,  but the easy to use interface on all platforms is also perfect for basic scoring, and it is by far the easiest to edit in case of input error (or revoked signal).  This is why and increasing number of ECB premier leagues have already rolled it out to their clubs, and why it is the software of choice at Lord’s, Edgbaston, Old Trafford & Trinidad.

The functionality of the user friendly software is as applicable at the home of cricket, Lords, as it is on a school playing field.

“We find that TCS is far and away the best scoring software available,” says Andy Scarlett, the Lords scoreboard operator & MCC Young Cricketers scorer, “and with the many of the County 2nd XI scorers and Minor Counties scorers using the same system I think it’s absolutely right that those involved at the grass roots of cricket should be able to use the same technology that is available to those at the top of the international game.”

The biggest benefit of TCS to non-scorers, is the LiveScores service (a mere £11.99/year), which provides real-time, detailed web-based coverage of all match information.   Players and supporters   can follow their club online from anywhere in the world. 

Chris Goldie, Chairman of Richmond CC (formerly of Middlesex & Hampshire) explains, “LiveScores has benefited all our members – with a couple of taps on the iPhone everyone can access up-to-minute, detailed information on the boys’ performance.  And traffic to our website has significantly increased since we’ve included LiveScores”.

Having been featured at the last 2 ECB Association of Cricket Officials conferences at Lords, TCS is rightly proud of its legacy and position that it holds in the scoring fraternity.

The Total Cricket Scorer App is available now to download from the iTunes App Store now – price £4.99 and the Live Scores App is priced at £2.49