Unlikely Partnership Blossoms Between Japan And Imperial Woodpecker

Unlikely Partnership Blossoms Between Japan And Imperial Woodpecker
Unlikely Partnership Blossoms Between Japan And USA

Cricket associations and New York advertising agencies usually do not have much in common, however it's the love of cricket that has brought together the Japan Cricket Association and ad agency Imperial Woodpecker.

The relationship between the two organisations is still going strong after three years, even though they have never met in person. Imperial Woodpecker's logo is proudly displayed on the Japan men's team uniform and many opposition teams have named the Japan side "the woodpeckers" because of it.

The advertising agency has worked with the likes of Xbox360, Playstation, T-Mobile and Volkswagen, so JCA CEO Naoki Alex Miyaji thinks it's fantastic to have such a special relationship with a special organisation.

“This support means so much to the JCA. They recognised we were doing some good work with cricket and they have helped us develop and grow cricket in Japan,” he said.

“Their support allows us to continue to deliver development programmes for children and adults in Japan, and help grow our exposure on the international scene.”

The management at Imperial Woodpecker includes Australian award-winning television commercial director Simon McQuoid, who was the winner of the 2008 Film Grand Prix at Cannes. The organisation is known for its innovative TV commercials and unique productions. McQuoid recognised an exciting opportunity to be part of growth of cricket after seeing an article in “The Spin” newsletter and decided to put his organisation's support behind the JCA.

"Imperial Woodpecker is proud and honored to sponsor the Japan Men's National Cricket Team for three years running. We hope that our collaboration with the JCA will not only raise the profile of cricket in Japan, but also help promote a vital spirit of possibility,” he said. “The future of cricket rests in the hands of those who have yet to discover it."

The future is looking bright for the two organisations. Miyaji hopes Imperial Woodpecker can continue to contribute to cricket in Japan in a positive way.

“Their support has been greatly appreciated over the last three years. We have managed to achieve a lot on the world stage, however there is still a lot for us to conquer and we hope they will continue to support us in our goal to be an outstanding cricketing nation,” Miyaji concluded.

Watch Imperial Woodpecker productions at their website: http://www.imperial.tv/

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