Ventur - The New Mineral Grooming Regime For Men

Ventur is the new mineral skincare and fragrance range for men, available exclusively from Boots from 2 August 2010.  Combining natural mineral ingredients and the latest skin science with a fresh premium fragrance, the Ventur range is for the active man who demands an intelligent, uniformly fragranced grooming regime that can effortlessly combat the elements day after day.

The active ingredients in the Ventur range include:

Happy Skin™, derived from the arctic rose and rich in flavanoids, it boosts endorphin levels in the skin and protects from UV rays;

Pronalen™, a marine extract oligosaccharide which helps to maintain the electrolyte and hydration balance of the skin, especially during exercise;

Antarcticine®: derived from an ingredient native to Antarctica this is nature’s collagen booster and skin hydrator, protecting from cold weather and dry conditions;

Zinc – an essential mineral which boosts cell regeneration, collagen production and protects the skin from the elements
Ventur - The New Mineral Grooming Regime For Men

The Ventur range (above) comprises:

Ultra Glide Shave Gel which contains Happy Skin, Pronalen™ and Zinc to nourish the skin, with added moisturisers and cooling ingredients for the ultimate icy cold smooth shave, priced £4.99

All weather Hydrator - a light and non greasy facial moisturiser containing Antarcticine®, Pronalen™ and zinc, priced £5.99

Triple Action Face Wash  - a 3 in 1 face wash system which contains a gentle scrub to polish the skin, a cleanser to prepare the skin for shaving and extracts of zinc, Pronalen™ and Happy Skin™ to protect against the elements, priced £5.99

Active Shower Wash - A  shower wash which is indulgent, refreshing, cooling and energising. With added moisturisers to help condition the skin and provide protection against the elements, this ultimate shower gel is fortified with Zinc, Pronalen ™ and Happy Skin™, priced £3.99

Active Body Spray - A fresh fruity body spray with antioxidants and guarana to fight fatigue, invigorate and refresh, with a fragrance that lasts all day, priced £3.99

48hr Anti Perspirant Deodorant  - A high performance anti perspirant, providing reliable protection for 48 hours which is enhanced with Happy Skin™ and the fresh fruity Ventur fragrance, priced £3.99

Hydrofoam Ultimate Foaming Shower Gel – a foaming shower gel to refresh, cool and energise, with added moisturisers to help condition the skin and protect against the elements, with Zinc, Pronalen ™ and Happy Skin™, priced £4.99

Eau de Toilette – the fresh fruity Ventur fragrance as an Eau de Toilette will last all day and has added minerals to nourish and protect the skin, priced £11.99 for 100 ml

The Ventur range is available exclusively from Boots stores nationwide.  Go to for more information.