Video - 'Aussies Hate Losing To The Poms'

In this video, produced by Asics, Shane Watson talks about what it means to be involved in the rivalry when England face Australia.

Over the next seven months, the two sides are playing 25 matches in all three forms of the game, and will meet again at the start of the 2015 World Cup.

To mark a unique Ashes double-header, leading sports performance brand ASICS has released their latest 'Rivalries are born, they never die' video featuring Watson, who talks about living out his childhood dream by playing Test cricket and competing for the Ashes.

"It's amazing how the Australian public, whether they like cricket or not, really gets behind the Australian team," Watson says, "because they want to beat the English as much as we do as well.

"It's as simple as the Aussies just hate losing to the Poms," he adds.

Video courtesy of ASICS

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