Monday 11 March 2013 

What Do Cricketers Do After Retirement?

What Do Cricketers Do After Retirement?
What Do Cricketers Do After Retirement?
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At some point, professional cricket players have to face the reality of retirement.  Retirement can be a scary time for some as the game of cricket is all they have known.  However, as the players below have proven, there is definitely life after retirement from cricket.

Regardless of your opinion on the man, Shane Warne is among the most talented cricketers who have ever played the game.  Few players rank above him in terms of bowling prowess.  While he isn't officially retired from competitive cricket, he does appear to be working on the next chapter of his life after retirement.  Shane has signed a sponsorship deal with 888 poker and serves as a poker ambassador with the company.  Warne currently plays in both live and online poker events proudly wearing the 888 logo.  Time will tell whether Warne can pitch cards with the same skill as he bowls.

During his stint with Gloucestershire, Jack Russell was not known as being a team player despite being an amazing wicket-keeper.  He was usually a loner and lived a very private life outside of the game.  His other passion besides cricket was art and after he retired he opened his own gallery called Chipping Sodbury to show off his works.  Russell surprised many when he later took a job as goalkeeper coach with the Forest Green Rovers football club and later came back to Gloucestershire in 2008 in order to coach young players.  Maybe time away from the game made him realize how important opening up to others really is to team chemistry.

England and Surrey fans certainly remember all-rounder Adam Hollioake.  He led England to a Sharjah Cup title in 1997 and helped Surrey win three County Championships.  After leaving the game in 2004, he went on work in the media and later founded the Ben Hollioake charity.  At the same time, Adam ran an Australian property business.  Unfortunately, the business endeavour did not prove as successful as it might have been, however, his determination cultivated in cricket prompted him to fight on, and ultimately led him to become an ultimate fighter.  So far, Holliaoke had one MMA fight where he battled to a draw.  With any luck and further training, we will likely be hearing more successful tales from the octagon involving Holliaoke soon.