Win Actipatch, For Pain-Free Living

Win Actipatch, For Pain-Free Living

The Benefits of Using ActiPatch®

EFFECTIVE: Clinically proven pain and inflammation relief at the source.  

720 hours of action or 90 x 8 hour treatments, controlled via the built in unique On/Off switch.  This allows you to use the therapy at the times when you will get the best value from it.

SAFE: Safe to use for people with diabetes or arthritis, the elderly and people with kidney problems. It can be combined with any medication and used overnight.

Around one third of the world's population is estimated to suffer from chronic back, knee, shoulder or neck pain but Actipatch is a new solution that relieves the pain. Win a chance to find out for yourself.

Recently launched in the UK, ActiPatch is set to help make a life-changing difference to pain sufferer.

The device uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.

Eight medical published trials have shown its effectiveness in treating back, neck, knee, hip, heel, tennis elbow, wrist and any musculoskeletal pain on the body.

It boasts five times better success rates than over the counter drugs and it is 100 per cent safer.

How does it work? Actipatch Therapy modifies the electrical signals that travel along the nerves which regulate blood flow around the body. This enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing and restores injured tissue to a healthy state.

For your chance to win one of these patches, simply correctly answer the question and enter your contact details in the form below.

Usual Cricket World terms and conditions apply and the competition will close on 31st March 2014.

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