Yoxford CC May Have An Expiry Date


Yoxford CC are a small village club in Suffolk that has been around for over 100 years. Like most small clubs they rely on the help from volunteers to keep the club going. There first XI play in the Marshall Hatchick Two counties league which covers Suffolk and Essex while there second XI play in the Suffolk Alliance League. They have a thriving junior section that caters for both boys and girls from under 7s to under 15s. 

They lease the ground from a landlord whose son is president of the club, who have decided they're selling land adjacent to the club. The issue arises when you realise just how close, within 1 meter of their boundary. A cricket ground where it would be discouraged of hitting a six would not be a cricket ground.

Obviously Yoxford CC don't particularly want the houses built there, they are planning on building 26 luxury homes but the two closes to the boundary are the real issues. More problems would arrise when the club would be held responsible for any damage to property or even worse, those living there.

It's a change for the cricket club, one they would rather avoid, but as if that isn't enough this would mean insurance premiums would be very expensive as the claims would mount up. They have tried making the best of the situation and asked for high netting to protect both parties and also for somethign to be mentioned about not being liable for damage but developers have refused and instead offered moving an extra 10 meters from the boundary.

It's hard to ignore this situation as it wouldn't be the first time an old club or ground have had to make way for new developments, particularly with the worry of insurance claims. As any club would, they fear for their future.

Their local council has refused planning permission and it is now going to an appeal on the 11th February. Short term, they have just got a protected status as a community assets, however when there lease is up in 14 years their landlord is reluctant to extend their stay as the ground is prime location for houses.

Despite the developers saying they have no current plans to build on the land, the same can't be said for the future. Obviously a club of their size would not be able purchase the land, so it's now just a waiting game.

Yoxford CC wait for their future to be decided, it could be 14 years from now, lets hope it is good news when it finally does come around.

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