Yuvraj Singh Cleared Of Dissent After Hearing

Yuvraj Singh has been cleared of dissent after a hearing that discussed his behaviour after being dismissed in the first innings of the first Test between India and Australia. Match referee Mike Proctor explained, "It was evident that Yuvraj took more time than normal to leave the crease but it was due to the fact that he was shocked at the decision. "At no stage he showed displeasure or dissent at the umpire’s decision," he added. The hearing was attended by the four umpires, India manager Chetan Chauhan, captain Anil Kumble and Yuvraj Singh. Video evidence was used. If found guilty, the penalties for a Level 1 offence range from an official reprimand to a maximum penalty of a fifty per cent fine of a player's match fee. Australia won the match by 337 runs; Yuvraj Singh managed five runs in the match.