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2020 IPL to Provide a Rare Spectacle for Cricket Fans


The Indian Premier League is the crown jewel of the domestic cricketing calendar, with the big-money tournament never failing to titillate. You only need to look back 16 months to see how the IPL likes to put on a show, with the 2019 edition being decided by a single run, in favour of the Mumbai Indians.

This year, the IPL is taking place at a different time of year, in different conditions, and in a foreign country.

Regardless of this, the 2020 IPL is set to be another thrilling event, perhaps more so in its new situation. Having made these shifts and needing to put in more effort to provide a top-class product, this year’s tournament looks to offer a rare spectacle.

Seeing the results of the auction unfold

The IPL season begins long before the first coin toss, with the auction being the arena where statements are made by each of the eight competitors. Those who throw down the gauntlet to improve their team, inform the rest of the league that they are willing to pay-up to contend for glory. On 19 December in Kolkata, one team clearly shined the brightest.

As the hosts, it seemed as though the Knight Riders were out to mark their territory, laying down a record winning bid to reel in Pat Cummins and snagging the newly-anointed Cricket World Cup-winning champion, Eoin Morgan. Those clever moves significantly improved the already exciting team, adding consistency to the bowling corps and a cooler-head alongside the booming Andre Russell in the order.

Of course, all of the teams made additions, some more than others, and to higher values. So, seeing how these new faces alter the dynamics of the units will, once again, create a compelling watch for fans.

Infusing new technology to enhance the experience

With the IPL taking place in the empty stadiums of the UAE, tournament organisers and third parties have been going all-out to bring fans as close to the action as possible. By using live technology, the IPL plans on following in the footsteps of other sports leagues by streaming in fans to the stands. It will allow those watching to get an in-seat view of the match, while also adding to the stadium atmosphere.

While the IPL is often the most popular for traditionally wagering on cricket odds, the information on cricket betting shows that live streaming adaptations in the sector are the exciting new developments on the block. Betting in-play allows fans to alter their approach based on the events that they’re seeing live, offering a more in-depth experience that revolves around the knowledge of the person watching. With everything being shown live, those who watch will never miss a step.

A new dynamic on the pitches of the Emirates

Three stadiums will host the 2020 IPL, with each of them offering a different pace to the usual setting from the off. As explained by Dean Jones, each pitch has its own characteristics, and, due to the number of games in quick succession, the pitches will get tired quickly. As such, adjusting the depth of bowling to each pitch and having quality spinners will serve well.

With all of these elements blending, the 2020 IPL looks to deliver a rare spectacle, with so many new, high-profile changes making for a brand-new experience for fans and players alike.

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