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2022 T20 Cricket World Cup: who are the favorites?

Australia with the trophy and teammates after winning the ICC Men's T20 World Cup
Australia with the trophy and teammates after winning the ICC Men's T20 World Cup

Later this year, we’ll be getting ready to watch the 2022 T20 Cricket World Cup, one of the most exciting events on the cricket calendar. There’s all to play for this year, with a few teams looking a little more likely to win than they have done in previous years, and some of the bigger names aren’t quite as on form as they may like to be.

If you’re looking for insight into who has the best chance to win then you’re in the right place. We’re about to pick our top three most likely winners of the 2022 T20 Cricket World Cup. If you’re considering putting a bet on, we might just be able to help you land some cash! By the way, if that is on your radar, take a look at the best MI betting promotions to ensure that you get the most out of your betting experience.

So, without further ado, here are our thoughts on the potential winners of this year’s T20 Cricket World Cup:


Most likely to win overall: Australia


It’s a similar story every year. Right now, Australia to cricket is like Brazil was to football about 15 years ago – simply unstoppable. Every bookmaker in the land fancies Australia to win the 2022 T20 World Cup and with good reason. Their form has been absolutely scorching.

Australia has the added benefit of being reigning champions. They won the 2021 T20 Cricket World Cup, which will, of course, give them a lot of confidence going into this year’s event. On top of this, they’re actually the hosts of the tournament this year. We all know how important that home advantage can prove to be!

There are a handful of qualified teams who might give Australia a run for their money, so it’s definitely not over before it’s already begun. However, it will be an almighty task to take them off the throne. As long as we see a reasonably close final, we’ll be happy!


Potential runner-up: India


The team who probably has the best chance of beating Australia is India. In fact, a lot of bookies are putting India and Australia almost even in terms of likelihood to win the overall competition, which is interesting! We think the most likely solution here is an Australia vs India final, but Australia will probably still just about do it…

India have been an exceptional cricket team for many, many years and right now, they’re on a particular run of form that the Australians could have a hard time dealing with. As we said, we’re not convinced it’s going to be enough to overthrow the reigning champions, but it could be closer than we think.


Dark horse: New Zealand


Here’s a nation that isn’t always associated with cricket, especially not in the same way as its closest neighbor, Australia. However, the New Zealand cricket team has really been performing well in the past year or so, so it’s way too early to rule them out.

In fact, we think they really could go all the way. According to a lot of bookies, New Zealand are third most likely to win, behind Australia and India, which no one would have predicted a year or two ago. We love to see an underdog do well, so let’s go, New Zealand!


But what about England?


England’s cricket team is often considered in the same ballpark as the likes of Australia and India but they haven’t exactly been on top form recently. We won’t rule them out altogether but this is certainly not a team with the best chance of winning, especially compared to the England of five or more years ago. You never know, though!


When are things kicking off?


This year’s T20 Cricket World Cup is bound to be exciting, with Australia and India looking very close in terms of form, and teams such as New Zealand and England offering the potential for an upset, so you’re not going to want to miss it!

The first match of the year’s Cricket World Cup kicks off on Sunday, October 16, 2022, with the final being played on Sunday November 13, 2022, giving us nearly a month of some of the best cricket action in the world. We really cannot wait!

The competition will be played in Australia, as previously noted. This means that start of play might be pretty early in the morning, so keep an eye out for that when the full schedule is announced.