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31 Unknown Cricket Facts : Learn more!

England's Alec Stewart
England's Alec Stewart

Cricket is a game enjoyed by people all over the world. Read on to know some unknown cricket facts. You can know more about the game by watching Live & Upcoming cricket matches.


  1. Women’ cricket world cup

 The first Women’s cricket world cup was held in 1973, which was 2 years before the men’s cricket world cup.

  1. Most ducks in a match

In a match between Mali and Rawada, nine Mali players scored zero and the total number of runs scored in the match by Mali was 6.

  1. No Footage

In the 1983 World Cup, Indian cricketer Kapil Dev scored 175 runs against Zimbabwe. However, unfortunately, this feat was never recorded as there was a strike of the broadcaster.

  1. Gavaskar played too slow

Indian cricket player Gavaskar was a great player and it was difficult to make him leave the pitch. However, in the 1975 World Cup, the player played extremely slow and made only 36 runs off 174 balls.

  1. Fastest test century

 In his last test match, Brendon made the fastest test century in just 54 balls.

  1. Highest Run Scored 77

 In 1990, while playing for Wellington, Bert Vance made an astounding 77 runs in one over. He was playing against Canterbury. Even the umpire got confused and miscalculated the runs.

  1. The first team to win the ICC World Cup on home soil

 In 2011, India became the first team to win a Cricket World Cup as hosts.

  1. Length of the Cricket pitch

 Even after 150 years of Test cricket, the length of the cricket pitch has never changed and has remained 22 yards.

  1. Sri Lanka has won only once against Australia

 In all the cricket matches that Sri Lanka has played against Australia, Sri Lanka has won only once.

  1. Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar's bat

In 1996, Afridi did not have a proper bat so Waqar Younis gave him Tendulkar’s bat. The bat proved lucky and Afridi made the fastest ever ODI century with the bat.

  1. Nadkarni bowled 21 successive maiden overs

When playing against England, Indian player Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 successive maiden overs.

  1. Alec Stewart made the same runs as his birth date.

Stewart’s birth date is April 8, 1963, and he made 8463 runs in his total Test career.

  1. Cricket in Olympics – 1990

Cricket was played only in the 1990 Olympics in Athens. After it, the game was never played in the Olympics.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar played for Pakistan

In an exhibition match in 1987, when some of the Pakistani players had gone for lunch, Tendulkar was asked to be a substitute fielder for Pakistan.

  1. More wickets than runs

Chris Martin and B.S Chandrasekhar are two players who have taken more Test wickets than the runs they have scored.

  1. The first player to hit six with a new ball

Chris Gayle is the only batsman who has ever hit a six off the first ball of a Test match.

  1. 14 ball over

In a game between Barbados and British Guiana, 14 balls were played in an over. Although in those times, and over had 8 balls, the additional balls were a result of bad umpiring.

  1. Longest innings

Hanif Mohammad of Pakistan played the longest inning of all time when he batted for 970 minutes straight against West Indies. 

  1. Youngest cricketer

Meet Bhavsar of Kuwait was the youngest international cricketer of all times. The player made his debut at the age of 14 years and 211 days.

  1. Five days batting

Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri are the only two batsmen who batted on all five days of a Test.

  1. First-ever cricket match

The first-ever cricket match was played in 1844

  1. Unlucky Nineties

It was 28 times that Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed when he was in his 90s in his score.

  1. Two Hat-Tricks

Jimmy Matthews took 2 hat-tricks in each inning on the same day. 

  1. The highest number of extras

In 2007, Pakistan became the team to give the highest numbers of extras in test cricket. They gave 76 extras to India!

     25.  Never been the Man of the match

Saeed Ajmal is a talented cricket player from Pakistan. However, unfortunately, in a career of 113 ODIs, the cricketer has never won the Man of the Match award. 

  1. 17 Ball Over

In the 2005 Asia Cup, Pakistani cricket player Mohammad Sami gave 17 balls in an over.

  1. Duck after 77 balls

In 1999, Geoff Allott of New Zealand scored a duck even after facing 77 balls.

  1. Retired Out

Marvan Atapattu and Mahela Jayawardene are the two players who were retired in the same match. The players even showed good performance in these matches.

  1. It shortest ever Test match

The 2009 Test series between West Indies and England was the shortest ever match, which only lasted for 1.4 overs. The outfield was declared unfit. 

  1. Vinod Kambli Test match average

Although he was not able to show any magic on the field, Kambli’s Test average is 54.20 in merely 17 Test matches. 

  1. Football and Cricket World Cups

Sir Vivian Richards has played World Cups of both Cricket and Football.