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4 Tips On How To Win At Cricket Betting


Just as with any other sports, to excel in cricket betting takes a lot of skill, determination, and a bit of luck. If you’re determined and ready to learn the ropes, then you can be among the lucky few that pull off impressive wins.

But unlike online casinos, cricket betting doesn’t work by simply signing up, making a deposit, placing a few bets, and expecting instantaneous cash flow. Even if you’re wagering with your casino bonus on a betting website, you would not only need the right knowledge but also a good set of skills if you ever hope to win.

In this short guide, you will find some helpful tips that will help you win at cricket betting whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet.

1. Gain Knowledge

While there is a bit of luck needed to win big at cricket betting, you won’t make any real winnings if you rely only on it. Deep knowledge about the game of cricket is necessary if you want to make better wagers.

Knowledge of cricket betting isn’t just about how the game is played, how the scores are given, or how the winners are decided. You would need to learn more about the players, their formats, and their skill-sets. You also need to study game statistics and past results of both teams before trading any match. Studying past results will provide useful clues about run-rate, and innings total.

Another important thing to note is the type of pitch and the condition of the pitch the game will be played. For home teams, there is usually a big advantage. They would be playing on the same ground they use for training which could be a big bonus. Certain pitches favour bowlers or batsmen, while others don’t. 

2. Analyze Rankings, Ratings, and Performance

Just like football, cricket teams are given a rating based on their performance (total number of games players and points). For you, these ratings can help determine how beneficial it would be to bet on a certain team. For anyone hoping to win at cricket betting, it is very important to analyze the ranking, ratings and performance of each team before placing a bet.

3. Check the Weather

Funny as it might seem, the weather can actually change the outcome of a cricket game. While a lot of matches are postponed if the weather conditions restrict gameplay, a simple drizzle or strong sun could affect the surface significantly.

This will impact the movement of the ball – the way it interacts with the surface, how it spins, and how it bounces. In bad weathers, the bowlers could have a better advantage, but the advantages would shift to the side of the batsmen if the sun is out. 

4. Don’t Bet More Than You Can Afford

While several online casinos offer huge casino bonuses to new players, you can easily blow up your savings on cricket betting if you don’t know when to stop. As with most leading gamblers, you should only bet what you can afford to lose and avoid taking unnecessary risks if you don’t have enough experience.

Starting off, you should bet with as little as possible till you gain some gameplay experience. When you go pro, you can go ahead and take some necessary risks without falling into debt or going bankrupt.


Keep in mind that even with the best technique or strategy, there are no guarantees of constant wins. You’ll lose money occasionally. But if you follow our methods above, and put in some work, you can reduce losses significantly.

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