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5 Amazing Cricket Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

India's Dinesh Karthik

After football, cricket is the most popular sport on the planet! This is huge is countries like India - Australia and the UK. A  The primary purpose behind its fame is its enormous following in the Indian sub-landmass and the rivalry in the Ashes from the UK and Australia. Max Free Bets is reporting a lot of cricket stars have become national symbols and henceforth fruitful organizations have utilised their social profile to help propel the sport even further! 

Across the globe cricket is played in over 100+ countries and there are 104 Member countries of the ICC (International Cricket Council) out of which just 12 nations are ICC full members. The rest of the 92 nations are Associate member countries.

  • Dinesh Karthik is the first Indian to win a MoM award in a T20I match. On 1st December 2006, India won its first-ever T20I against South Africa. Dinesh Karthik scored an unbeaten 28-ball 31 runs to get the Man of the Match.

  • The member of the 10000 runs club; Sunil Gavaskar has three ducks to his account, each of which was on the very first ball of the match. Geoff Arnold (Edgbaston, 1974), Malcolm Marshall (Kolkata, 1984) and Imran Khan (Jaipur, 1987) were the reason for his return to the pavilion without scoring

  • During a match in 1996 young Afridi didn’t have a proper bat during a match. That’s when Waqar Younis gave Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to Afridi. And history was made that day, Afridi hit 11 sixes and six boundaries scoring a 37 ball century against Sri Lanka which remained a record of fastest ODI century for eighteen years. In 2014 the record was broken by New Zealand’s Corey Anderson(36 balls), and in 2015 South Africa AB de Villiers (31 balls).

  • It was when Abbas Ali Baig reached the mark of scoring 50 runs against Australia at the Brabourne Stadium in 1960, a girl who came running towards him and kissed him on his cheeks.

  • The number of runs one can score is not fixed and cannot be determined but in the case of Alec Stewart, it was written in the stars. He scored the same number of runs in Test as his birth date - 8,463 (April 8th 1963)

  • In 1990, during a match between Canterbury and Christchurch, in the Shell Trophy, in New Zealand’s Wellington RH Vance gave away 77 runs in a single over. Full tosses, no balls and many weird deliveries were bowled by Vance and the over went like this – 0 4 4 4 6 6 4 6 1 4 1 0 6 6 6 6 6 0 0 4 0 1.

  • A Test match is played for five days and each team bats two innings which makes it four innings in total in the match. The numbers of balls you can face is not defined and you can bat for all five days if you want to. But it was when the world first saw all the four innings on the same day, at the 2000 Lord’s Test between England and West Indies , that this was thought not possible to repeat, however ,in 2011, it happened again in Cape Town between Australia and South Africa.

  • Jim Laker of England once picked 19 wickets in a Test match against Australia.

  • Australia beat England in the first-ever Test match by 45 runs held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1877. Hundred years later the opposition was the same, the venue was the same and the result as well!

  • The 2000 Lord's Test between England and West Indies saw all the four innings being played on the same day. This feat was repeated 11 years later in the famous Cape Town Test where South Africa bowled out Australia for 47. 

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