5 ways to improve your game-day nutrition

Mitchell Johnson takes a drink
Hydration is absolutely vital to achieve peak performance
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Virat Kohli grabs some food
What you eat, and when you eat it, is also important
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Sachin Tendulkar eats a banana
The Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar, knew all about eating and drinking properly
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Our straight to the point articles seem to be going down a treat. You seem to be just like me, want info straight the point with no B/S, which I love.

And it seems we continue to get quite a few questions in about what to eat on game days

Obviously everyone is different, some of you will respond really well to carbs, where others will function a lot better with fat as your primary energy pathway

But I thought I'd put a list of five things that everyone can do to maximize efficiency on game days

After all you look a proper numpty if you can’t bowl the last vital overs due to a cramping issue that could easily be avoided!

So here are 5 ways you can improve your nutrition for this weekends games

1. Hydrate!! 

Such a massive thing but gets overlooked so often. We have all heard the 10 per cent drop in hydration can lead to a 40 per cent drop in performance etc. and we’ve probably heard it so much that we just pay lip service to it.

But seriously, get it right. In the days leading up to a game hit up 2-3 ltrs of clean filtered water and game day aim for ¾ litre in your first hour awake. Add some Himalayan salts to your water during play

2. Have breakfast

Easy to miss but this is probably the only meal of the day that you have full control over. 50-60 overs in the dirt can be a long time, so if you haven’t got brekkie right then some crappy sandwiches’ and a sausage roll is not gonna give you the fuel you need to perform. A breakfast based around eggs and good fats, such as avocado, is a great way to start.

3. Take food with you.

As we just said the food at games is bang average (even at first-class games in a few cases!) and so take some decent snacks with you, or even whole meals. Some good options are biltong, nuts, protein shakes or a little chicken salad

4. Stick to lighter, easily digestible foods.

The tricky thing about playing is that up until 30 mins before kick off you don’t know if you are going to be batting or bowling, and if you are an opening bowler, or batter for that matter, you don’t want to be starting play whist trying to digest a plate of pasta and cheese!

The insulin response will send you to sleep quicker than a Bob Willis commentary stint! Chicken, fish, salads, rice and steamed veg are top options.

5. Leave the beer alone!!

Obviously at the end of the game you probably would have a few celebratory beers, but try to get some good recovery nutrition and water in you before partaking too heavily!

A decent recovery shake and 3/4ltr of water will do the job (and help stop too big a hangover!)

So there you go. Hopefully this will help you out on game days...

...or you could stick to the chips and cake!

Think differently

Ross @ www.cricketstrength.com