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6 Best Fantasy Cricket Tips And Tricks To Win In 2021


For Indians, cricket is not just a bat and ball game. Cricket is regarded as a religion in itself in India. And if cricket is a religion, cricketers are nothing short of idols and heroes who make the aforesaid billion people proud on the world stage. They not only bring home some of the world’s most prestigious cricketing awards but bring glory to India as a whole.


Indians live and breathe cricket. It’s no surprise that the sport is loved being played as much as it is watched on TV or at a stadium. Cricket is popular in schools, parks and even in the congested bylanes of Indian cities, to the point that ‘gully cricket’ is a style of play in itself. In recent years, owing largely to the penetration of high speed internet services in even the most far flung corners of the country, the popularity of fantasy cricket has boomed. And this trend is only expected to grow. 

Fantasy cricket, as the name suggests, belongs to the rapidly growing genre of gaming known as fantasy sports. Fantasy sports originated in the United States and, as a genre, it has been in existence for a long time, but it was only recently that it started to gain prominence in India.

This version of cricket gives cricket fans a new dimension to enjoy their favourite sport. Fantasy cricket is basically an online virtual version of cricket that can be played from the comfort of one’s home, while travelling, and just about anywhere with an internet connection. Consequently, a large and steadily increasing number of people are taking to this version of cricket.


So, how do you play fantasy cricket?


Even for those new to the game, playing fantasy cricket is really very easy! To start with, you need to download fantasy cricket app from your respective app store. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to select an upcoming cricket match and create your very own virtual team that is composed of 11 players that are chosen by you. Once your team is ready, you need to deposit some money and join a contest. Following which, you need to track the contest leaderboard to see how the players you have selected are performing once the real world match begins. You will then earn points on the basis of how the players of your team perform on the day of the actual match.

Fun as it may be, fantasy cricket is not just fun and games as many people may think. It is not a game of chance and nor is it a form of gambling. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill that requires a deep knowledge of cricket as well as a substantial amount of intelligence and analysis with regard to team selection. Fantasy cricket, therefore, is an excellent medium to put your cricketing knowledge to the ultimate test. In this blog, we take you through some of our tips and tricks on how you can win fantasy cricket matches:


  1. Be informed, educated, prepared and updated

One of the oldest and most valued pieces of wisdom is perfectly encapsulated in the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. In fantasy cricket, this old adage fits perfectly because the more you know, the better informed you are with regard to team selection. As we mentioned earlier, fantasy cricket is a game that is based on intelligence and an in-depth knowledge of the sport, the more you research about players, teams, the locations where matches are played, and the more updated you are regarding the latest developments in the world of cricket, the more advantageous a position you will be in when finalising and managing your lineup.

  1. Understand fantasy cricket apps

Nowadays there are plenty of fantasy cricket apps available for download, but it is important to keep in mind that not all of those apps have the same point scoring system. On some apps, more weightage is given to batting points such as runs, while on others more weightage is given to bowling points, such as wickets. Some have a balanced point scoring system, giving equal weightage to batting, bowling and fielding, whereas some other apps have different scoring systems on the basis of the format of cricket being played, so you will be scored differently for Test, T20 and One Day International matches.

  1. Pick your battles

One of the most common pitfalls of playing fantasy cricket is the temptation to play every single match and every single tournament. Our advice is that you select your games very carefully so that your financial losses are kept to a minimum. It is often seen that players who are not properly informed or lack sufficient knowledge regarding upcoming games lose out on a lot of money. Another equally important factor to consider is the risk of investing all your money in one match. People tend to go all-in, expecting to win big, but in fantasy cricket, even the slightest misjudgement could cost you all your money. So, to be on the safe side, spread your investments across several games unless you are absolutely certain which way a match is likely to go.

  1. Select the best players

Enticing as it may be to select your favourite players for your fantasy cricket team, it is highly recommended that you select players on the basis of their current performance trends rather than just going for the ‘big names’. Your team should be balanced and should ideally consist of a higher proportion of all-rounder players as they are the ones who will win you points for both batting and bowling, in turn increasing your chances of winning the match.

  1. Keep a check on recent player performance

Even though we may be familiar with the wisdom of the old saying that form is temporary, but class is permanent, it is form and not class that has a greater bearing on a player’s performance - and hence, your prospects of winning - in fantasy cricket. The points you earn in a fantasy cricket match depend entirely on how a specific player performs on the day of the actual match itself and not on the basis of their reputation or past records. Therefore, be sure to check how your selected players have been performing in recent matches as this will be a more accurate indicator of how they are likely to perform on the actual match day.

  1. Choose your captain and vice captain wisely

This is often said to be the most important aspect to consider when creating your fantasy cricket team. The choices you make for the captain and vice captain of your team could well make or break your game. This is because, in fantasy cricket apps, the captain earns 2 times the points that normal players earn and the vice captain earns 1.5 times the points that normal players earn. Do make carefully considered choices when selecting your captain and vice captain as this decision may make the difference between going big and going home.


As this article in Forbes explains, fantasy cricket is only going to grow in popularity in the coming years. Through these 6 handy tips, it has been our endeavour to help you maximise your winning potential in this highly competitive and highly engrossing online game.

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