8 ways you might be getting your warm-up wrong

It’s a part of the game we get a LOT of questions about, so I thought I'd give you a bullet point guide of what not to do!!

I've done most of these in my 15 years and learnt from them all!

  • Making it too long - remember the focus is the actual game, don’t overkill the warm-up, do what you need to do and that’s it.

  • Leaving too long between the end of warm-up and start of the game. There is no point ramping up the body only to then sit down for 40 mins before having to start again.

 Mobility warm-ups in Abu Dhabi

  • All doing the same thing - you are all doing slightly different roles in the game and your preparation should reflect this. An opening batsmen and fast bowler should be very different in the way they get ready to play.

  • Too much running - the game will take up a lot of energy, so you really don’t need to be expending too much on the warm up. A mini bleep test before the game will go down like a s**t sandwich.

  • Its not a circus! You see some warm-ups and its like the person in charge wants to show every bit of their knowledge on warming up, so there will be cones, ladders, hurdles, agility poles, bungee cords the lot. Now whilst all of these can have a place, during training particularly, trying to do them all in a warm-up smacks of ego rather than sense. I'm as guilty of this one as anyone! I remember the looks on my players faces during my first couple years at Northants when I got giddy and had everything set up. I wasn't very popular for sure.

Warming up in Abu Dhabi

  • Not having fun - you want to be relaxed before playing, so introduce a game that the players like and can have a bit of a laugh with before the serious stuff begins.

  • Not using medicine balls - now this is criminal for bowlers. Probably the most important bit of kit you can have during the season, not only do they help potentiate the muscles (particularly the high threshold fast twitch muscles that you want to be firing), but they can double as an excellent tool to keep your power output up.

  • Forgetting mobility - mobility is just so crucial, after all if you cant move as you need you will not perform how you would like. Mobility is absolutely key to include in any warm-up

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Hopefully this has helped you streamline you warm-ups a bit more. If you are interested on learning more about the mobility and medicine ball side our OCD program is getting rave reviews from all who have purchased, get yours here (but only if you want to improve amigo!)

Think differently.

Ross @ www.cricketstrength.com