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A Look at Bullet & Bone Premium Sports Skincare Package

A Look at Bullet & Bone Premium Sports Skincare Package
A Look at Bullet & Bone Premium Sports Skincare Package
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Bullet & Bone is a premium sports skincare range that calls upon unique combinations of natural ingredients to enhance sporting performance by aiding preparation, performance and recovery.

Before we breakdown our experience with some of the products let's take a look at them...

Muscle Activating Rub

The muscle activating rub is said to 'warm, refresh and energise the skin' before an exercise, and you can definitely feel it working. Similar to the sensation of something like heat therapy rub, it warms and energises your muscles, activating them ready to workout.

I used the rub on my arm and shoulder areas and it aided in those extra reps, giving almost a tingling/numbing sensation to push harder and longer. I would advise trying it in a small dose before using it on a regular basis, as the sensation may not be for everyone.

Cooling Recovery Body Wash

There is no better feeling after a gym session and sauna than a shower, and this recovery body wash is the perfect companion. It's fragrance is refreshing and cool, giving your body that fresh feeling after a workout.

This product stood out for me, aiding in body recovery and stopping perspiration.

You can also find...

* a vapour release balm – to open the airwaves and heighten alertness.

* a protective moisturising spray – to soothe, condition and provide resistance.

Each product contains a ‘power trio’ – maca, magnesium and jasmine – known to enhance alertness, concentration and stamina. A further roll call of invigorating ingredients, tailored to each lotion, includes willow bark, moringa seeds, coffee beans, ginger, eucalyptus and Siberian ginseng, to name just a few.

The range has been endorsed by sports scientist and former Olympian, Professor Greg Whyte OBE.  A renowned expert in physical activity, Greg validates the fact that some topically applied lotions can be more effective than oral supplements in enhancing sporting performance.

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