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About Cricket Beyond Boundaries


Since its formation in 2011, Cricket Beyond Boundaries (CBB) has brought 13 cricketers over to the UK to spend time in leading schools and develop their cricket.

These talented young cricketers have come from different areas of India and as the programme grows, four or five more boys are heading over this summer with more schools becoming involved.

The initiatives' long-term goals are to host poor children in the UK and enable them to complete their education, be able to support female cricketers and cricketers with disabilities.

CBB have previously hosted high-profile charity events and fund-raisers including:

  • A match against Lashings in 2013 at Hymes College in Hull with Sunil Gavaskar in attendance
  • A dinner at the House of Lords in July 2014 attended by Sachin Tendulkar, Dilip Vengsarkar, Farokh Engineer, the Indian High Commissioner to the UK and patron Lord Bhikhu Parekh
  • A dinner at Cinnamon Kitchen in 2015, attended by Vengsarkar, Engineer, Gordon Greenidge, and Monty Panesar.

Other prominent cricketers who have assisted along the way include Ravichandran Ashwin, Saba Karim, Sahil Kukreja and Nilesh Kulkarni.

CBB work closely with Ashwin's GENNEXT Academy (Chennai), Vengsarkar's Cricket Academy in Mumbai and Chembur Children's Home, where Kukreja coaches orphan cricketers in his free time.

Below is the list of young cricketers who have so far been a part of the initiative:

2012: Prithvi Shaw, Sarfaraz Khan (both Mumbai), Nitin Tanwar (Delhi), Akshay Bharambhatt (Baroda)

2013: Khizar Dafedar (Mumbai), Shivam Chauhan, Vikas Dixit (both Delhi), Paranjul Puri (Madhya Pradesh)

2014: Prithvi Shaw (Mumbai), Harshvardhan Patil (Pune), Ramakrishnan Natarajan (Chennai), Vikas Dexit (Delhi)

2015: Rupesh Barode, Hashir Dafedar (both Mumbai), Divya Prakesh (Chennai)

2016: Nitish Joyal (Chennai), Rupesh Barode, Pradeep Das (both Mumbai), Saurabh Nawale (Pune)

Cricket Beyond Boundaries

Cricket Beyond Boundaries

Cricket Beyond Boundaries (CBB) was established in 2011 as a global sports initiative that uses cricket as a vehicle to transform lives.
Since then, CBB has helped 18 poor Indian children spend time in leading UK schools including Durham School, Cheadle Hulme, Denstone College and Kings College, Taunton, to develop both their education and cricketing skills.

The initiative is continually expanding with more schools and youngsters set to be involved this summer.


Patrons & Supporters

  • Dr. Samir Pathak (founder)

  • Dilip Vengsarkar

  • Lord Bhikhu Parekh

  • Ravichandran Ashwin

  • Sahil Kukreja

Board Members

  • Rajiv Sharma

  • Jay Hanmantgad

  • Oscar Dewhurst

  • John Wilson

  • CBB Young Cricketers

    • 2012: Prithvi Shaw, Sarfaraz Khan, Nitin Tanwar, Akshay Bharambhatt

    • 2013: Vikas Dixit, Khizar Dafedar, Shivam Chauhan, Paranjul Puri

    • 2014: Prithvi Shaw, Harshvardhan Patil, Ramakrishnan Natarajan, Vikas Dixit

    • 2015: Rupesh Borade, Divya Prakash, Hashir Dafedar, Prithvi Shaw

    • 2016: Nitish Joyal, Saurabh Nawale, Rupesh Borade, Prajwal Pansare

    • 2017: Rupesh Borade, Shaikh Rasheed, Aman Mulla, Prajwal Pansare, Vikram Lakshmi

    • 2018: Rupesh Borade, Revanth Reddy, Prajwal Pansare, Naim Khan

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