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ACB Annual General Meeting Held in Kabul

ACB Annual General Meeting Held in Kabul
ACB Annual General Meeting Held in Kabul

The Annual General Meeting of the Afghanistan Cricket Board was held on Sunday, January 16, in ACB Central Office, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The meeting was attended by all board members and chaired by Mr. Mirwais Ashraf, the new Chairman of the ACB.

To commence the meeting, Mr. Naseeb Khan read the decree issued by the chief patron and welcomed the respected participants and thanked the government for appointing non-political and very professional members including the
chairman of the board who is a former national player. Meanwhile, considering the international standards, the respected board members also expressed their votes for Mr. Mirwais Ashraf as the chairman of ACB to confirm his appointment.

The ACB Chairman Mr. Mirwais Ashraf thanked the government and board members for believing in him and added that he will serve the ACB with his full commitment and dedication. He thanked ACB management for their achievements during the year 2021 and invited all board members to assist him to make ACB more successful and achieve international standards.

He further added that they believe in the consultative process and teamwork and are committed to working as strong as one team to take ACB to the next level. "The year 2022 will be a busy year for Afghan cricket in terms of international and domestic cricket. We are working on a new initiative to improve team performance, develop domestic cricket and increase the ACB revenue”. He addressed the meeting.

ACB Annual Report 2021, Plan and Budget for 2022:

During the meeting, a detailed presentation was provided on the organization's achievements during 2021 which includes annual financial report, international cricket, domestic cricket, revenue, future fixtures, policy development,
annual audit plan and other important issues. The participants were also briefed on the major challenges and some unperformed areas. Meanwhile, a mitigation plan was proposed to overcome these challenges and gaps.

Organizational Review: ACB Board Members were also provided with detailed information on the organizational review aiming to make ACB an effective and efficient organization, the board members were further briefed on the
process and outcome of the review.

Policies: New policies were presented in the meeting which were shared with all the members prior to the start of the meeting, these policies were developed during 2020-21 and were reviewed by a technical committee with minor
modifications. The policies include Human Resource Policy, Operational manual, (revised), Finance Policy (revised), Procurement Policy (revised), Selection Policy (revised), Discipline Code (revised), Anti-Corruption Code (revised), AntiDoping Rules, Domestic Selection Policy, Code of Behavior, Administration Policy, IT Policy and Media Policy.

The board members were requested to support the Afghanistan Cricket Board secure financial resources including finding suitable a partner as Main Sponsor. The respected board members ensured their full support and expressed
their thoughts for different solutions including views on policies.

To conclude the meeting, board members thanked ACB Senior Management for the efficient leadership of the organization and for having a comprehensive annual plan for the year 2022. The members pledged to help ACB in
generating more revenues.

The ACB Annual General Meeting is an annual event held each year and led by Chairman. It is attended by the ACB CEO in addition to the board members as they discuss the activities and achievements during the concerned year and
discuss plans for the upcoming year.