adidas Eyewear Introduce The RETEGO - New In 2010

adidas eyewear introduce the RETEGO – new in 2010

Improved ball visibility with the Retego – the new frame by adidas eyewear with cricket in mind. Tested with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) these slick new sunglasses bridge the gap between performance and fashion, delivering a confident look and crystal-clear vision.

A joint research project with the ECB focused on improving the team’s vision in the different lighting conditions they will face on and off the pitch this summer. The extensive testing proved ball visibility could be increased by 28% using the correct eyewear with adidas Light Stabilising Technology (LST™) lenses.

adidas eyewear introduce the RETEGO – new in 2010

Optimum Fit

The innovative frame design offers maximum comfort as it is both lightweight and flexible. Made from SPX™ with Flex Zones™ integrated in the frame for extra flex, a snug and secure fit is guaranteed through the traction grip arms which offer optimum grip. In case of impact from being dropped or squashed, the temples simply detach from the frame and can be snapped back on again.

Optimum Vision

The specially curved lens filters are designed for cricket, providing a wide range of vision perfect for active sport. Unobstructed vision is guaranteed to the sides as well as up and down. A wide range of filters means you can see as clearly as possible in all weather conditions. For example, the LST™ Active lens reduces the amount of blue light (glare) and engineer the light entering the players’ eyes so that red is enhanced; 28% higher ball visibility is therefore achieved as background colours are subdued and the ball appears to ‘pop’ out. The lens is able to darken light but increase contrast, hence increasing visual perception of a red and white ball. What’s more, the Quick-Change Lens System allows you to easily swap lenses when the light conditions change.

All filters meet the best standards of optical quality class 1 and guarantee 100 % protection from UVA, UVB and UVC. Like all Performance Sport models from adidas eyewear, the Retego can be easily fitted with optical correction to correct impaired vision through a choice of the RX adapter system or a Performance Insert™.

Simon Timson, Head of Sport Science and Medicine at the ECB said: “Vision is a core component of cricket performance. Visual comfort reduces the risk of eye fatigue in the field and greater clarity minimises the potential of players dropping catches or missing run outs. We expect the 28% improvement in visibility to make a big difference to players’ vision in the field.”

The Retego is worn by Ian Bell, Stuart Broad, Steve Finn and Rory Hamilton Brown, and available in various colours including: matt black and grey, pearl white/black, matt silver/grey and brown.

adidas eyewear introduce the RETEGO – new in 2010

If interested in buying the Retego please call 0208 987 2448 or log onto  to find your nearest store.  The RRP for the adidas Retego is £120.