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Advanced Technologies Used In Cricket Games

AB de Villiers playing for Middlesex
AB de Villiers playing for Middlesex

Even though it may seem that the use of technology in the sports world has been around for a long time, that isn’t true. Many sports still refuse to use the latest all technology that they could use during games. However, no one can deny its importance when it comes to making the final call.

Some people may argue that the use of technology could make the job of a referee obsolete, or that without an objective individual on the spot all rulings could be questionable. But this isn’t the case. And one of the greatest examples is cricket.

Cricket is one of the most played sports that uses all the advantages of technology during games. The use of technology in cricket is manifold and in this article, we’ll take a look at some of them.

The Measurement of Ball Speed

There are different ways in which cricket fans entertain themselves before, during, or after the game. Some like to entertain themselves with a game at the no wagering online casinos Canada, as it offers a lot of cricket-themed games and generous welcome offers. Others enjoy scrolling social media. And there are of course those that like to get all the statistics about their favorite players and teams.

One of the most important pieces of information that any cricket fans likes are which players are able to hit the ball the strongest. And luckily for them, there is a camera that is being used in cricket to measure the speed of every ball. This camera works in the exact same way as does the camera that measures the speed of cars.

Super Sopper

Analyzing something is how we get to determine and achieve the best conditions to fulfill our goals. In the same way in which gamblers around the world use the technology and casinos analyzer to find the ideal gaming platform, so do the people from the world of cricket use different tools to see if the ground is good enough to be played on. Cricket can’t be played on wet ground, and if starts raining some time before the match starts there is a chance that the game is canceled or postponed. In this case, the organizers will use a supper sopper machine in order to extract the water from the ground and make it dry.

In the past, numerous cricket matches had to be completely canceled due to weather conditions. People interested in cricket would end up greatly disappointed and without a chance to watch their favorite team play. However, thanks to today’s technology, the number of canceled games has dropped considerably.

Hot Spot

Thanks to the hot spot technology used in cricket games, umpires can now see more clearly if the ball had been struck by the bat. The infra-red cameras that are set on the ground can spot if there was a contact between the bat and the ball due to a small amount of heat that is generated during the blow. In the same way, this camera is used to verify if the ball hit the glove or the pad of any of the players.

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