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Agility and Core Workout with Chinmoy Roy

The instagram post of Ben Stokes shows that the face of English cricket at the moment is oiling his bowling arm in front of his garage.

And with the EPL clubs in a discussion mould for the ball to roll on the park again it will be sooner than later that the ECB would consider discussing the same thing. Even the Aussies are gearing up for a restart. Till the restart happens let’s continue with lockdown training.

The objectives of drill-1

1: Develop rotational core strength.
Muscles targeted: Q.L and oblique of the trunk.
2: Develop Agility
Main Target: Working on turning speed


The distance between the imaginary crease and the wall will vary according to space available at home. It replicates the stroke a batsman plays while hitting the ball over long on.

A medicine ball is used in the ground by the trainer to execute this exercise. Here one can use the weight of the cricket bat. For example, Sachin Tendulkar’s bat weighed 1.51 kgs. The majority of the force for the 90 metres hit that Chris Gayle or Ben Stokes play comes from this core strength.

The run of 4 to takes the drill even closer to a match scenario. It’s as if a big heave is followed by running a two or three. The quick turn at both the end would work on agility. M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli are great exponents of turning speed.

2 sets of bat swing & running fours = one set, rest 2 minutes, do 3-4 sets

The objectives of drill-2

1: Develop hip mobility and leg strength
Target Muscles: Hip flexor, Calf, quads
2: Develop sharp lateral movement
Target: Good balance and centre of gravity


Two bottles are 5 steps apart from one another. Another bottle is at the centre. That’s the drill set up. The first part is a deep squat with a hop, works on hip mobility.
The drill would be of great help for the wicket keepers. It strengthens the knees too. The sideways move followed by bending works on both hip mobility and agility. We often see guys like Wriddhiman Saha and Jose Buttler practice in the same manner.

Total 10-12 sideways move = 1 set, rest 1-2 minutes, do 3-4 sets