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Agility & Jumping Training Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World to share his latest tips, this time to improve your jump and agility with his training drills.

Set up

  • Place one agility pole at the starting block
  • 5 metres from the start make a hurdle by creating a 2 feet height by placing two agility poles across one another. 
  • 5 metres from the hurdle place a hoop fixed on a round stand. If you do not have the stand, fix it by any other means.
  • There will be 3 hurdles and 3 hoops in total each placed alternately.
  • Place another agility pole as one way finishing line at 5 metres from the last hoop.
  • Total one way distance is 35 metres. Two way is 70 metres.
  • After one round swap position. One would jump and go through hoop. Other waits at the one way finishing block. Role reverses next round.
  • Jump and passing through will zap your energy.  Sprinting back against fresh leg will further test your leg power and speed endurance.

Technical Cue

  • While approaching the hurdle lift your front leg towards the hurdle
  • Thrust from the rear leg allows the body to take off.
  • However, use upper and lower extremity in unison to propel the body over the hurdle.
  • Mobile hip will allow you to bend quickly and pass through the hoops
  • Work on muscle length for Gluteus, hamstrings, Piriformis and hip flexors by stretching them.
  • Always pick a partner who faster than you.

Reps and sets

  • After 1 rep rest for 1 minute
  • Do 6 reps in one set then rest for 5 minutes
  • Do 3 sets in total