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Alex Carey Responds To Comments Made By “Godfather” Of Professional Cricket

Australia's Alex Carey celebrates his ODI century against England
Australia's Alex Carey celebrates his ODI century against England

Australia’s A captain Alex Carey was not going to remain quiet. Carey responded to Allan Border’s unnecessary comments about his team’s effort when it was accused of not trying. According to recent reports, Carey said he would be okay with talking to Border after he slammed Australia’s A team for their performance against India in a warm-up game ahead of their first Test. 

India rolled Australia for 108 in their first innings and India tacked on more runs in its second dig to declare the 4/386 victory. For this lackluster performance, Border accused the team of not trying. He even went on to say that it was “one of the worst, most lethargic performances” that he has ever seen in any cricket match. 

Was He Right?

For anyone that took the over in this edition of cricket betting, then this was some very easy money. In the long run, it wasn’t just the loss that the team took. When the cricket legend called out the Australian team, it was also a hit at their pride. This was supposed to be the Australian national team made up of the best cricket players in the country. When the team took to the field, all spectators saw it as an absolute disgrace. There was poor fielding, bowling, and no leadership at all. 

That was why Border called out Carey. While Carey might be a solid cricket player, is the true leadership material? That kind of performance is just not good enough. All teams start at the top. That is the administration, managers, and captains. Border might be onto something here. Carey has a lot of work to do before he is going to gain the respect of those that play the game around the world. 

Carey is deemed the future leader of the Australian squad. He has played in 30 T20s and 42 one-dayers for the national team. Although he has not made his Test debut, he is looked at being the future of the team. While it was cordial that Carey said he would appreciate talking to “the godfather” of the sport, he has work to do. 

Carey’s Comments

Carey will remain the captain. There is no reason to believe that the 29-year old will be removed despite Border’s claim that he has damaged his standing in the Australian Team team calculations. However, Carey responded that injuries had a large hand in the team’s play and that his team was trying. Carey said that he “respects” the comments made by Border. 

He called his team’s play “difficult,” but he is excited to see the team try and rebound. Australia A will return to play but could be missing one of their main pieces. Joe Burns struggled in the opener and could be out of the team’s first Test. When looking ahead to future matchups, anything will be better than their last effort against India. That effort would not have even defeated a beginners team in American Cricket.