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Amazing Grace - Richard Tomlinson

Amazing Grace by Richard Tomlinson

October 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the death of W. G. Grace, whose life is examined and revealed in Richard Tomlinson's biography of one of cricket's biggest names - Amazing Grace.

In the book, Tomlinson searches out the real W.G. behind the record-breaking batsman using previously undiscovered material from England, Australia and North America to shed light on the connection between Grace's performances on the field and his private life.

The book tells of the key role his wife Agnes played in his career, the chancers who preyed on him and the patients that hailed him as he set out each summer to do battle with bat and ball in hand.

Through it all, W.G emerges as one of the game's great inventors and a pioneer for his sport, sport in general and how the game should be played.


A historian and former playing member of MCC, Richard Tomlinson received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University before becoming an award-winning international journalist with the Independent, Fortune and other publications in Europe, North America and Asia.


Published by Abacus, 5th May 2016, paperback, £9.99

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"Amazing Grace is a fluently written study, imbued with humour and sympathy, that yeilds many insights as well as much pleasure." David Kynaston, Daily Telegraph

"What makes Tomlinson's book so refreshing is that he is entirely clear-sighted about his subject's doibles...he effectively conveys the sheer competitive drive that made him so successful...offers some intriguing glimpes of the anxieties that made him stay so long and probably made his such a great player." Sunday Times

"A compelling book that uncovers a man as complex and contrary as any in Victorian society." Mail on Sunday

"It's a pleasure to read a biography as thoughtful and assiduous as Richard Tomlinson's." Daily Mail

"Industrious, witty, insightful, this biography ougth to be the standard work on W.G. for years to come." Independent

"Richard Tomlinson's magnificent biography of sport's first global superstar." Jim White, Daily Telegraph

"Scrupulously researched and well written." New Statesman

"My biography of the year...a revelatory stufy of the giant who remains cricket's most iconic figure." Tom Holland, Evening Standard