American College Cricket USA vs Canada Series VI, Jan 27 & 28 !

Naseer Khan (U of South Florida) batting for USA
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In 1844 the 1st sporting event of any kind took place in New York City. It was a cricket match between USA & Canada. That event marked the 1st time young men from different countries battled on a playing field instead of a battlefield, a momentous accomplishment that is not celebrated anywhere in the world bizarrely. To commemorate the occasion American College Cricket started a USA vs Canada Series in 2015 where some of the best college players from Canada & America compete vs each other.

USA vs Canada Series Series V in Toronto in May 2017 the American College Cricket USA team led by Andy Sudan (Everest) pulled off the improbable, it won in Canada, defying the Home field advantage that had so far been a feature of the exciting Series ! A brilliant century by Krithik Udayashankar (Florida Tech) in Game 1 gave USA a heightened level of confidence though they lost. Then in Game 2 a magnificent century by Meetul Patel (Everest) gave USA the victory in extreme cold, partly because the game was played in the night ! Rain overnight meant Game 3 had to be called off, leaving Series V drawn, and the Series Field 2-2.

These 2 centuries followed Hassan Mirza’s (Ryerson) century last year for Canada,& Yug Rao (Ryerson)’s 106 for Canada in Jan 2017 in Texas. There have been other thrilling innings including Vignesh Rg’s (USF) 72, Naseer Khan (USF) 76, Sai Ramesh (USF) 70. The 1st Series, in Canada, was streamed on Youtube. The 3 Series in Canada have been played in the Toronto area whilst in the USA, they have been played in LA, California & Houston, Texas.

This year USA vs Canada Series VI will be held on Jan 27 & 28, 2018 near Orlando, in Kissimmee.near Disneyland.There will be 4 matches: 1 – South East All Stars vs USA and 2 – USA vs Canada on Saturday. Then on Sunday will be 2 USA vs Canada matches.

ACC USA hopes they can take the lead, being at Home, and will be Captained by Saurabh Netravalkar (Cornell) who played for India in the 2010 World Cup (Under 19).