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Another Perspective book launch with the Hunar Foundation beneficiary

Another Perspective – Pakistan Cricket History 1977-98, The Untold Story of Development - officially launched at the Pakistan High Commission, London on Monday 13th August, is the latest publication to delve on the subject with an aim to set the record straight relating to the most successful two decades of the game in the Pakistan. It reflects the untold story of successful development of the game at the grass root level that the cricket historians, both Pakistani, as well as international, surprisingly have opted to overlook the major ‘behind the scene’ role played by the sole sponsor and its dedicated manager in the uplifting of the country’s best-loved sport.

The key figure in the entire period of two decades was Taher Memon, popularly referred to as the ‘Wills Man’, responsible for managing marketing, corporate communication and sponsorship, on behalf of the sponsor. Taher’s vision and uncompromising professionalism, took it beyond the duty of a sponsors’ role, as he set his mind on the essential development of the game in Pakistan. Taher’s outstanding management skills merited a role for him in the 1987 Reliance World Cup, as well as the 1996 Wills World Cup, ensuring smooth and successful staging of the two grand events in the sub-continent. (Not to mention his participation in the World Cup bidding committee in 1996, held at the ICC meeting, at the Lords)

His Excellency, Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, Pakistan High Commissioner to UK graced the occasion, to the delight of the host and the all other participants. Only a fortnight into the office, Sahebzada Saheb began his address (having read the book) and was not only highly appreciative of the efforts of Taher Memon and his co-author Salim Parvez, but on the strength of the 74 contributions, went as far as to ‘declare’ that the name of the book should have been the ‘Right Perspective’ rather than Another Perspective. He appreciated Taher Memon’s announcement that all profits from the sale of the book will be donated to The Hunar Foundation, Technical Institutes, who impart vocational training to the jobless having some basic education to become bread earners in six months’ time.

Three of Pakistan’s best known batsmen of the 1970s – Mushtaq Mohammed, Asif Iqbal and Zaheer Abbas (contributing a foreword to the book) – added cricketing flavour and glamour to the evening, and were generous in their   praise of the outstanding role played by Taher Memon in the period, stretching over two decades. General, Zahid Ali Akbar Khan, former BCCP Chairman, Malcolm Bannister, former Chairman & MD PTC, Test all-rounder Yasir Arafat, ICC Umpire Mian Mohammed Aslam, prominent journalists Qamar Ahmed, Shahid Saadullah, and Senior journalist Kaiser Imam were among the other distinguished guests present on the occasion. There ia also a Memoriam, a section dedicated to the personnel, who are no longer alive to celebrate the 1977-98 period and referred as 'Wills Friends', reflects Taher Memon's gratitude, courtesy and above all, an acknowledgement that he has not forgotten anyone while compiling the book. 

The event, a day prior to the 72th Independence Day of the country, soon to be led by the greatcricket all-rounder, Imran Khan, days away from taking an oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, could not have been better timed. The die-hard cricket enthusiasts, are set to cherish the occasion for many years to come.

Taher Memon and Salim Parvez have donated all the profits from Another Perspective to the Hunar Foundation.

About the Hunar Foundation

The Hunar Foundation’s key objective is to provide school graduates and other young adults with international standard vocational training that meets the expectations of the market, leading to employment or small business creation – and eventually economic freedom and employmeny and empowerment. The Hunar Foundation offers this opportunity to the underprivileged and marginalized segments of society where the need is more urgent. For more information on the Hunar Foundation click here

Another Perspective is the story of how cricket became a great national sporting institution in Pakistan - a must read for all cricket enthusiasts and is available through Troubador Publishing www.troubador.co.uk  as well as Amazon.

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