Around the Grounds: Celebrations, Trophies & Performances

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In this week's Around the Grounds we kick off with Top Tweets, which are some of our favourites which don't necessarily fit into any categories. We have Steve Lewis retiring at the age of 60, Notts Ladies celebrating their win and a glimpse at what life without Sunday cricket would look like.

We picked up on a lot of people celebrating, winning trophies and enjoying the after parties so gave it it's own section this week titled Champions.

Top Performances & Results includes anything from clubs updating followers with scores, pictures of the players, incredible knocks or an impressive showing with the ball.

Events, News & Announcements have all been combined into one section which is anything off the field, ranging from transfers to celebrations and upcoming events.

The More section as always includes anything else that doesn't fit into the sections above. Usually quite a large section, More was almost non-existent this time, with everything fitting into a category - take a look though, I'm sure you will find something amusing.

We have tried to include as many interesting tweets as possible but if you think yours belonged in here but you don't see it you can contact us @Cricket_World and we will hopefully include it next time.

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