Around the Grounds: Trophies, Triumphs & Team Photos

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We are back with Around the Grounds, starting slightly different this week. We've picked out our favourite 5 tweets that may not fit in another section, but were entertaining enough to deserve there own.

It's titled Top Tweets which this week includes meeting a legend, a play on words and a dressing room mishap. 

Top Performances & Results from the week is up second, with a range of players celebrating there 5fer with a pitcher, massive victories or some people making personal records. If your club has played this week then it will probably be in there!

A wide selection of Events this week ranging from BBQs and Beers in the sun to charity and dontations to help others. With the World Cup currently in full swing there were a few Football tweets as well as a trophy.

News & Announcements is full to the brim, with people celebrating birthdays and debuts, to some announcing club news and even a few joke announcements. If you would like your Event, News or Announcement included in the future use the Twitter link below to contact us.

The More section as always includes anything else that doesn't fit into the sections above. Usually quite a large section, More was almost none exsitant this time, with everything fitting into a category - take a look though, I'm sure you will find something amusing.

We have tried to include as many interesting tweets as possible but if you think yours belonged in here but you don't see it you can contact us @Cricket_World and we will hopefully include it next time.

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