Artist Paul Dorin Paints The Baggy Green

When the Jeans 4 genes committee at the Children’s Medical Research Institute asked me if l wanted to paint the jeans of Ricky Ponting this year, l wasn’t going to let them go through to the Keeper, “Awesome!” l said.

  Artist Paul Dorin paints the Baggy Green

I was really excited finding out that l was getting the jeans of Ricky the Australian Cricket Captain to paint. I had ideas coming to me of what l wanted to paint as soon as they mentioned whose jeans l was getting. With my style of painting I knew l was going to be able to have lots of fun and be creative.

The best thing about cricket is that it has such a vast glossary of fun Cricket terminologies used in the sport like, Googly, Gardening, Bowling a bouncer, Meat of the bat and Hat-Trick just to name a few. This is where my idea came from. I knew l was going to be able to have fun with this

Despite having ideas already to go, when the jeans turned up at the front door and l opened the parcel and held them up, my first thoughts were, “hmmmm”, my second thoughts were “How am l going to do this?”. I wanted to keep with my tradition of only using the jeans as the canvas. Not being a regular shaped canvas this makes painting the jeans a real challenge while painting them and very rewarding when they are finished.

I gave the jeans a “Leg- Glance” until l gathered up the inspiration to tackle the two legged canvas. I had the time of a Test Match, so l was able to concentrate on getting the idea right before putting any paint down on canvas, l mean denim.

 I needed to get started so l grabbed a few different green colours and mixed them together on a plastic plate and applied paint to one of the legs. I thought this would be my playing field. I then started on the other leg with the green paint and then different ideas started to creep in. I started changing my initial idea a little. After l roughed out a few of the characters l sketched them on to the green painted denim.

It took me about 2 weeks to paint the jeans and l used acrylic paints. I was also so very lucky that Matesse Derivan sponsored the paints and materials for me to paint this year’s jeans.

l wanted to paint a caricature of Ricky and l thought this would be best next to his autograph. If you look at the jeans it still has that appeal that there is a game of cricket being played. And if you know the game of cricket, when you look at the jeans hopefully you can get a giggle or two from it. I must admit l felt like a “Night Watchman” on some evenings working late into the night painting. I couldn’t put all the fun cricketing characters l came up with, l found room for the good old Golden Duck but left the Streaker out!

I was over joyed last year when l received the People’s Choice Award for my efforts painting the jeans of MotoGp rider Chris Vermeulen just before the jeans went to auction on same night, and this year to win it again would be awesome. It will be the Umpire’s Decision and you can vote online at  for your favourite artwork in the People’s Choice Awards. Winner will be announced at the Denim Charity Dinner on Thursday July 22, 2010.

Paul Dorin