Australia & Ishant Sharma Fined; Dhoni's Gloves Illegal

The match officials in the latest Commonwealth Bank Series match between Australia and India in Sydney were kept busy after the home side's 18-run win, handing down fines to the Australian team for a slow over rate, Ishant Sharma for a breach of conduct and ruling that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was wearing an illegal pair of wicket-keeping gloves. Ricky Ponting's side was ruled to be two overs short of its target, and after the officials announced they had been disappointed with over rates throughout the series, Ponting was duly fined 20 percent of his match fee with the rest of the players losing ten percent. Indian pace bowler Ishant Sharma was fined some 15 percent of his match fee after he was found guilty of a Level One breach of the Code of Conduct. After dismissing Andrew Symonds for 59 in the 47th over, he gestured towards Symonds, and the pavilion, and he pleaded guilty to the charge of "pointing or gesturing towards the pavilion in an aggressive manner by a bowler or other member of the fielding side upon the dismissal of a batsman". Meanwhile, the wicket-keeping gloves of Indian captain Dhoni came in for scrutiny after he took a superb catch to dismiss Adam Gilchrist. The webbing between thumb and forefinger appeared more prominent than it should be and once Dhoni was informed, he immediately changed his gloves. Later inspection proved that the extent of the webbing was outside of the permitted regulations and he will not be allowed to use those gloves again, or faces a charge should he do so. Law 42 states: "The wicketkeeper’s gloves shall have no webbing between the fingers except joining index finger and thumb, where webbing may be inserted as a means of support. If used, the webbing shall be a) a single piece of non-stretch materal, which, although it may have facing material attached, shall have no reinforcement or tucks. b) Such that the top edge of the webbing i) does not protrude beyond the straight line joining the top of the index finger to the top of the thumb ii) is taut when a hand wearing the glove has the thumb fully extended."