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Australian Greats Criticise Warne Over Lehmann Comments

Australian Greats Criticise Warne Over Lehmann Comments
Warne (left) has come under a lot of criticism following his comments on Lehmann for overstepping his line as a coach.
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Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne, who had earlier criticised Darren Lehmann for overstepping his line as a coach, has come under immense criticism from Australian greats.

Australian selector Mark Waugh, on Monday poured cold water over Warne’s comments, further going on to say that the former leg-spinner was never fond of coaches.

"Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but Warney has never liked coaches though.

“When he was playing he said the cricket team doesn't need coaches.”

Waugh further added that Warne's comments would not have any effect on the team whatsoever.

“Warney is getting paid to make comments, I don't think it would worry Darren Lehmann, he's an old-fashioned cricketer.

“He (Lehmann) knows where his job is in the team, there's no doubt about that, so I think they're just going to focus on the game in Auckland.

“I don't think what Warney said will have any effect on the team."

Former Australian opener, Matthew Hayden was slightly less critical of his former teammate, expressing caution not to make it an ego-clash.

“It can’t be a battle of egos. If it gets to that stage then the relationship is finished and that will be terminable to any sort of culture.

“You’ve got to get a 100 per cent buy-in  and not just from the captain and coach.

“You’ve got to get a symphony of players in alignment with the culture of Australian cricket — that everyone is pulling for what the baggy green means.

“Otherwise you become also-rans. The difference between good and great isn’t much.

“I dearly hope Warney is wrong. And I hope he’s got the best interests of Cricket Australia and Michael Clarke (in mind).”

With the controversy snowballing out of control, Warne was quick to clarify his comments, tweeting on Monday that he merely cautioned his mate Lehmann to be careful.

“Some clarity, as some people out there seems to be making way to many assumptions. Boof & I are mates, he has done a very good job as coach.

“The Australian way is this, the captain is in charge not the coach. Boof would agree with me too, all I said is he has to be careful.

“Let the captain run the team and the coach prepare the players. Irrelevant of who is captain or coach, that's how the best Australian teams are run.

“So, stop trying to create an issue when there is nothing there!”

Despite this clarification, Steve Waugh joined the chorus of former players who have voiced their displeasure against Warne’s comments, terming them as “unsettling”.

"It's definitely unsettling for the team. I think they've gone beyond the chuckle point for this one,” rued Waugh.

“There's a lot of comments and then retraction of comments, 'I didn't say this, didn't mean it that way'. At the end of the day it's something the team doesn't need.”

Meanwhile, Former Australian captain Kim Hughes spared no expense when it came to criticizing Warne for his comments, stating that the best thing Warne could do was “to keep his mouth closed”.

“You need it like a hole in the head, for heaven’s sake,”

“For him to say there are issues and maybe Michael (Clarke) hasn't received the accolades that he should’ve done, I mean Michael needs that like a hole in the head.

“Darren Lehmann needs it like a hole in the head. You’d swear to God that Shane Warne is being paid by South Africa or India and the other sides.

“You imagine what happens if we get done in New Zealand.

“The media are going to jump on and say: ‘Do you think Shane Warne’s comments were a distraction, do you think there’s a rift between Clarke and the selectors?’

“I’ve been there and done it. And that’s a nightmare.

“And I think the best thing Shane Warne can do is keep his mouth closed.”

This is not the first time, Warne has grabbed the attention with his comments.

The spin legend, blasted fast bowler Mitchell Starc as "soft" during a commentary stint in the second Test between India and Australia at Brisbane last year.

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