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Bangladesh Agree to Play Day-Night Test in Kolkata

Thumbs Up to Day/Night Test

The upcoming India-Bangladesh series is not just going to be a delight to watch for the average Indian spectator, but is going to be action-packed and a rather exhilarating experience—this series is pivotal not just for the ones participating in it, but plans to extend to a wider spectrum of audiences, that ranges right from the armchair analysts who like to share their two cents over a cup of coffee, right to the individuals who visit 10cric.com for a more enriching first-hand experience in the world of online betting, everyone seems to be accepting when it comes to this revolutionary form of cricket—a Day-Night Test Series, first of its kind in India. There is a booming influx of audiences when it comes to such online websites and estimating how this new format of test cricket would turn out to be.


The Announcement


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) announced that the second Test match of the upcoming Bangladesh tour of India, 2019, that is to be played in Kolkata from November 22nd will be India’s first Day-Night Test match.


How is it Any Different?


As opposed to the regular norm of test cricket being played with the red Deus ball, a day-night test match is played with a pink one for better visibility. The entire idea of a day-night test match is to ensure not just a properly spaced game of cricket, but to ensure that the individual cricketers are taken through their grinding that would ensure an overall better experience of the game. As though test matches were not taxing in itself, day-night ones are going to be exponentially more so.


Day-Night Dadagiri


After being elected the new President of the BCCI, Sourav Ganguly has made countless modulations in the Indian cricketing scene—and introduction of day-night test matches is merely a beginning. It was a rather proud moment to announce the commencement of the very first day-night test match in India, and he seemed particularly proud to state that his hometown of Kolkata would be the first to welcome such a major change in the norms of cricket.

“I’m pleased to announce that our long-term partner BCB has graciously agreed to play a Day-Night Test match. This is the beginning of something special in Indian cricket. It is a priority for the newly elected Office Bearers and members of Apex Council to take Indian cricket forward. For me, as a former Captain of India and as the current President of BCCI, Test cricket is of utmost priority and we at BCCI will leave no stone unturned to bring this format back to its feet”, said the former Indian Captain.


He also stated how it would be a breakthrough for King Kohli and his young blood to be able to increase their cricketing metric and improve on their cricketing prowess. Although a little unhappy because of the absence of icons like MSD and the fact that he would be unable to contribute in this revolutionary form of test cricket, Ganguly acknowledges how important an event this is in order to make the shape of the future of Indian Cricket more flexible.

Bangla Affirmation


Bangladesh Cricket Board has agreed to partake in their very first day-night test match too, thereby representing how willing the young Bangla blood is when it comes to new opportunities and how this new format of test cricket would improve both the skill sets of the different countries, and would also add to an already rich cricketing experience for cricketer and spectator alike.

Mr Nazmul Hassan, the President of the BCB, stated “he BCB and BCCI share a very long history of support, co-operation and friendship. Ours is a bond of strength and it is very heartening and reassuring for the BCB to have someone like Mr Ganguly as BCCI President who has been an integral part of this journey. On that note, I am pleased that we have had a frank and constructive discussion with the players and the Team Management. I have received a positive response about playing the Day-Night Test in view of the BCB-BCCI relationship.”

The Future of Test Cricket in India


Being the visionary that he is, Ganguly realises how important this event would be in shaping the future of Modern Indian Cricket. Despite having achieved innumerable accolades, Ganguly has been rather accepting when it comes to new ideas, and has been humble in seeking advice and opinions that could help Indian Cricket reach new heights that were previously unfathomable. The introduction of the day-night format of test cricket is not just a clear representation of the accepting nature of Indian cricket, but is a stark representation of the country and its openness to liberal ideas as a whole.

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