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Bangladeshi Fans Accused Virat Kohli of Being a Cheat in Asia Cup 2018 Final and Hacked His Official Site

Kholi batting for India

A short while ago, the official website of Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain and top-order batsman, became the victim of hackers. They proved to be the sports fans from Bangladesh, who saw violations in Asia Cup 2018 final.

More specifically, Bangladeshi devotees protested against the dismissal of Liton Das, which was quite disputable, and accused Virat Kohli of cheating. It is to be recalled that the Indian cricket team became the champions of Asia Cup 2018, gaining the upper hand at whim, with the only hard-fought match with Bangladesh. It was a challenging final game and the bottom-line ball belonged to Kedar Jadhav. The tournament is over now, but the fans of the defeated team still feel upset about this loss, blaming everyone – especially the Indian players. Recently, this discontent resulted in an extremely sticky situation, when a group of Bangladeshi fans hacked Virat Kohli's official website. Maybe, he should have used Total AV Free antivirus to protect his personal data? Who knows?

The dismissal of Liton Das was endorsed by the off-field umpire, which proves its objectivity. Nevertheless, many Bangladeshi still believe that the player was given out unjustly. They also say that the only reason for the Indians’ victory is in this very dismissal and Virat Kohli's team would never have become a champion in other circumstances. Many people discuss it on Twitter, posting and reposting acrid memes about the Indian team.

What is more, an unidentified individual hacked the website of Virat Kohli and posted from his name a number of pictures illustrating the moment of Liton's dismissal. The hacker also asked from the captain’s page, whether the International Cricket Council can explain the situation with the player’s dismissal. The cracker emphasized that if the website was restored, he would hack it again.

According to the national daily newspaper Dhaka Tribune, the hacker belongs to the group known as CSI. Protesting against the off-field umpire’s decision, the crackers asked visitors of the website, whether cricket wasn’t a gentleman’s game anymore. The Bangladeshi said that all the teams should be treated the same way, hinting that the Indian players were favored by the cricket umpire. The hacking group underlined that they didn’t intend to show their disrespect towards the whole nation. They simply wanted more justice on the field, while playing cricket.

As for Virat Kohli, he doesn’t hurry to comment on the situation. His website works in a usual mode, as if nothing has happened. All the hackers’ posts have been removed and we hope that the Indian top-order batsman has implemented reliable cybersecurity tools to protect his page against the fans of Liton Das and other ‘offended’ spotsmen.

Who knows, what hackers will do if they get access to his website once again?  

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