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Beginners Guide to Betting on Cricket


Whether you’re watching a test match or a one-day international, cricket can be an exciting sport to watch. To make it even more exciting, you should consider placing a bet. Here’s a beginner’s guide to betting on cricket.


Cricket Betting Explained


Betting on cricket takes two forms: match betting and run-line betting. In a match bet, you’re predicting which team will win the match. In a run line bet, you’re predicting how many runs - either more or fewer - a batsman will score in a particular inning. For instance, if India is playing Sri Lanka, you might bet they’ll win by at least 150 runs. Or, you might choose to bet that India will win the first inning by more than 100 runs.


Leading Wicket Taker and Leading Run Scorer


In a match bet, your position in the batting order determines which batsman you’re betting on. In a run-line bet, you need to choose whether you think a particular player will accumulate more or fewer runs than expected.


You can also place a bet on which cricketer is going to lead the team for most wickets taken. This is a great way to get into cricket betting because it’s easy to understand and there are only two distinct possibilities: either a bowler will take more wickets than anyone else on his side or he won’t. If you choose correctly, your bet will pay at very generous odds. The leading run-scorer bet, on the other hand, is much more complicated and has over 50 possible outcomes.


Finding the Right Site for Cricket Betting


You need to find the right kind of website for the betting you're doing. For example, if you're into casino games, you should click here to check out some of the best gambling sites. Sites like Unibet and Bovada often feature betting markets for major cricket matches and tournaments. Once you’ve chosen a site, check whether it has a welcome bonus for new players. A good site with generous incentives will make your first experience with cricket betting more enjoyable, as well as offering you the chance to win real money without investing much of your own cash.


Series Winner and Match Outcome


Once you’ve found a good site, look around the matches they offer and decide which one you want to bet on. Most sites cover all standard cricket matches, including test matches. Series winner bets are often offered for tournaments like the Ashes or big international tests like South Africa vs Australia. You might also find match-winner bets for T20 contests.


Man of the Match


After you’ve found a match to bet on, it’s time to look at the individual players. The first decision is whether you think one of the teams will win or lose. Once you've decided that much, your next step is to assess each batsman and bowler and choose which one will perform best in their given roles.


Man of the Series


If you’re feeling confident after making some match and player bets, you can try your hand at a man of the series bet for one of the most popular cricket contests: The Ashes.


You’ll need to make detailed statistical predictions about how the players will perform over five test matches. As with the match and player bets, you’ll need to choose a side; whether they will win or lose; and which batsman and bowler will be most successful.