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Between The Wickets with Chinmoy Roy

Welcome to part two in Chinmoy Roy's training drills, this time he takes batsmen through lightning between the wickets, increasing their agility and speed for run scoring.


  • One Cone, 10 hoops, two spring stumps. 

  • From one spring stump to the other the distance is 20 metres 

  • From first spring stump to placing of first hoop is five metres. 

  • Hoops are placed diagonally over a distance of 5 metres. 

  • The cone is placed at 12 metres i.e. 2 metres from the last hoop. 

  • The second spring stump is 8 metres from the cone. 

Technical cue 

  • Use your reaction skill to get off the blocks. 

  • During quick feet over the hoop stay on the balls of the feet, shoulders nice and relaxed beside with square hip. 

  • Try to reduce ground contact time and land softly inside the hoop without a thudding sound 

  • While turning for run maintain good centre of gravity by having a wide base between two legs 

  • This will ensure you don’t fall over 

Reps and Sets 

  • 6-8 Reps = 1 set 

  • Rest for 30 seconds between every rep. 

  • After 6 Reps rest 2 minutes and can do 3 sets