BioCare Launch Expert Supplement Range

BioCare Launch Expert Supplement Range

BioCare®, the UK’s number one supplement brand recommended by nutritionists, is launching a range of InformedSport approved supplements to provide athletes and sport enthusiasts with the essential building blocks for good nutrition.  This specialist BioCare® range is aimed at all sportspeople; from enthusiasts to world-class Olympic athletes, to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition to perform their best.  The range provides an optimum nutritional foundation to support the immune system, muscles, gut, and mind - some of which have been proven in clinical trials to help improve performance and support recovery.

High-energy supplements, caffeine and dietary protein dominate the sports market, promising to boost energy levels, speed and performance.  While these products deliver immediate results, they do not provide adequate nutritional support for the active body.

“It’s critical that sportspeople address their basic nutrition in order to provide an optimum base on which to build for endurance, performance and recovery” says Chris Newbold, Head of Clinical Nutrition at BioCare®.  “It’s also essential that supplements have meaningful levels of nutrients in the most absorbable forms. The RDA values of many nutrients provide just enough to prevent a deficiency, but are usually not enough to keep the body running optimally for athletes.  And of course, foremost in the mind of serious athletes is that anything they take is ‘clean’ and so free from banned substances. The BioCare® InformedSport approved range provides the best possible support for all sportspeople.”

The BioCare® InformedSport approved range features the following hero products:


  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride – for healthy joint function
  • One A Day vitamins and minerals – for maintenance and additional immune and cardiovascular support
  • Bio-Acidophilus Forte – to support digestion and immune health
  • Vitamin C 1000 – to support the immune system, capillary and connective tissue integrity


The InformedSport programme allows sports people and their trainers to choose products that have been rigorously tested to the World Anti-Doping Agency standards for contaminants to ensure that they are safe to use.  There is a vast array of supplements available on the market which are ineffective and may be contaminated with banned substances.

Injuries such as broken bones, sprains and strains can sometimes be as a result of poor nutrition in the body. Vitamins help to keep all parts of the body functioning effectively in order to prevent injuries.  Common sickness such as colds and flu can impact the bodies’ immune system, especially if it’s worn down and susceptible to attack. Vitamins also ensure the immune system is functioning at its best.

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