Blast Your Way Into Shape In 2013

Blast Your Way Into Shape In 2013
Blast Your Way Into Shape In 2013
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If you thought fitness DVDs were a blend of cheesy celebrities and even cheesier pop tunes then it's time to think again because the 2013 DVD series from fitness fx is about to change all that.

The DVDs feature leading health and fitness experts, who have created a range of modern and dynamic workouts that aim to get you fit and athletic using current, effective training methods. They’ve listened to the public and know that we would rather be taught by exercise professionals than celebrities; that whilst music to motivate us is important, we don’t necessarily want to perform choreographed dance moves to it.

They know, as Jessica Ennis recently being voted ‘best female body’ shows, athletic bodies are now top of the agenda rather than ‘skinny’; that we’re busy and want something that is effective and doesn’t waste what little spare time we have; that men watch workout DVDs too and that people want a choice over what style of workout they do.

Understanding this, fitness fx is proud to launch its latest series of DVDs which pair great motivational music with dynamic, athletic moves created by some of the world’s leading fitness presenters – the same experts who train fitness instructors around the globe.

These workouts cut straight to the point with effective regimes to get you in shape quickly and effectively whatever sex you are, and feature a bonus 30 minute training session called T3 (excluding groove fx). T3 stands for Train, Track and Transform – you’ll train smarter, track your result and transform your body. The T3 workout is a series of high intensity exercise sequences that are not choreographed and which can be performed with or without music

The range includes:

•    jump fx - no-nonsense aerobic and interval training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains.
•    fight fx - punch and kick your way into knockout shape with the ultimate martial arts-inspired workout.
•    stomp fx - basic, athletic step routines designed for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements.
•    groove fx - dance yourself into shape with hip hop, Latin, disco and club routines.
•    pump fx- a complete resistance training workout featuring a bar and weight plates set to the latest chart and club anthems.
•    blast fx - bodyweight-only conditioning routines that promise to shred fat and boost

For more details or to buy, visit where prices start at just £14.99 per DVD