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Blue Bells Cricket Club

Address: Rooikrans Sportsfield, Rooikrans Avenue, Grassy Park, 7941 Grassy Park, Western Cape, South Africa

Phone: 27834140473

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Click Here

The club has 5 senior and 10 junior teams ranging from KFC mini cricket (5 year olds) up to seniors. The club’s 1st team plays currently in the Western Province Cricket Association’s 1st division C.

Blue Bells Cricket club is a community based cricket club providing cricket to the Cape Flats areas of Cape Town, South Africa. The club has been in existence for 53 year and in that time has built up a proud history and record of growing the sport in these areas. 

The club provides cricket in an environment with many challenges some of these being, scarcity of resources, facilities, finances, and an environment where our youth are continuously faced with community ills. 

We have therefore always seen our role as being other than a cricket club also a community based learning centre for future leaders. One such leader is current Cobra’s coach and ex-proteas player Paul Adams, who from Grassy Park developed through our structure.

The club also runs a cricket winter academy which focuses on developing the game amongst talented cricketers as well as in underprivileged areas. The Club is also is involved with various other community initiatives.

The Clubs vision is to provide cricket to the surrounding communities in a suitable environment encompassing acceptable values and standards and furthermore providing the skills to create future National players and leaders.