Boost Performance From Grass Roots With Wheatgrass

WheatgrassMany of us will have heard of Wheatgrass, or even tried it, when it first hit the news several years ago, and now, after drifting out of fashion, it’s back with a bang. Reformulated in capsule form, so you don’t have to knock back strange tasting green shots, more and more sports personalities are rediscovering the powerful health benefits of this natural elixir.

With the likes of Olympic gold medal winner Paula Radcliffe, Premiership Football and International rugby players all having sung the praises of the green stuff, it soared in popularity a few years ago and quickly became a must have for sportsmen and women of all disciplines and abilities, providing them with that extra boost they needed throughout the season. The taste was not to everyone’s liking however and whilst there are those who have persevered with the odd tasting shots its benefits can now be felt by everyone as it is launched in capsule form by superfood specialist Natural Greens…

It’s not surprising that athletes have found wheatgrass so effective as the plant is made up of 70% chlorophyll (nature's most health promoting nutrient 1, 2), 20 amino acids, several hundred different enzymes (that are not found in other foods), as many as 90 out of a possible 102 minerals, and other important vitamins. All these natural ingredients make wheatgrass perfect for athletes of all levels, boosting their nutrient and mineral levels, and as a result, helping them to maintain a healthy immune system.

WheatgrassWhat’s more, the juice of this plant is also said to heal tissues, help purify the liver, improve blood sugar levels and flush out toxins3. It’s packed with potassium (nicknamed the ‘youth mineral’) which is full of fibre, as well as a being a great source of magnesium, which boosts digestion and helps banish bloated stomachs.

However, it’s well publicised that the taste of green shots aren't to everyone's liking (perhaps a reason why it faded out of fashion first time around), which is why the new superfood company are hoping to make Wheatgrass an easy and taste-free supplement to use with their ethical wheatgrass capsules.

Natural Greens want to show people that Wheatgrass is back on the menu for the health conscious, by making it available in a capsule form (as well as a powder for those wishing to take it the authentic way). Presented in stylish recyclable packaging, their non GM and gluten free Wheatgrass is 100% pure and natural, and is certified by both the Vegetarian and Vegan societies. Furthermore a percentage of the company’s profits go to the charity YES TO LIFE, which helps support people with cancer in the UK in accessing Complementary & Alternative Medicine (see below for more details).

The Wheatgrass is packaged in handy 1, 2 or 4 month supplies, but perhaps the biggest reassurance of the quality and effectiveness of Natural Green's products comes from their 7 day return policy. They're so confident you will feel the benefits of 'Natural Greens' that they offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you're not happy.

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