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Bourne CC - Groundcare Diary – Week ending June 28th 2020

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Whilst we are in ‘lockdown’ we are following the Bourne CC Groundcare team (Clive Brown and Ian Greenfield) through the season as their ground maintenance programme progresses throughout the Spring and Summer ,in readiness for a Return to Cricket, and as we edging ever closer to that…..


Monday - Brushed across the square taking off the dew, Cut down No 1 and No 14 strips in preparation for the coming weekends practice wickets [8mm] Verticut square.with the direction of play. Heavy rolled 1 and 14 for half an hour each. Square greening up nicely from the previous application of fertiliser.

Grass length on the square has been left at around 35 mm, need to defend against the forthcoming heat.


Wednesday - Brushed square, cut down No 1 strip to 8mm, medium weighted roller for 20 minutes    Left  the grass length on the square. Getting hot now.


Friday - Cut down No1 strip to 5mm, medium weight roller for a quarter of an hour. Summer scarifying reel inserted into the Sisis Mk4 scarified the square with direction of play.

Placed tarpaulins onto the cover frames, forecasting rain overnight.

Saturday - Showers prevailed during the morning - no work.

Sunday - Cut No1 strip down to 4mm brushed and match cut practice wicket, rolled for quarter of an hour with the big roller, Marked up the strip. Scarified square with direction of play Cylinder cut to 30mm - square looks quite lush - fair amount of meadow grass within the sward, must take control of the blighter during the coming week.

Verticutting the square with and across direction of play will help.

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