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Catching Drills with Chinmoy Roy

We are delighted to have Chinmoy Roy working with Cricket World to bring you some interesting and innovative Cricket Training Drills.

The episode focuses on improving your cricket fielding, mainly catching via some suggested drills.

Set Up

  • Four Agility Poles or 4 cones.
  • Distance between each pole is 10 metres.
  • The poles make a shape of square.
  • Four cricket balls.
  • Place two hurdles of 12 inches height at the centre.
  • Space between the two hurdles is one feet.
  • Four persons are standing at each pole as feeder.

Technical Cue

  • Take off on your toes to jump over the hurdle.
  • While landing focus on good balance and land softly on the ground without a thudding sound.
  • Try to take your body as close to the ball while catching.
  • After landing accelerate and rush for the catch.
  • Balance at the time of sudden pause to take the catch.

Reps and Sets

  • 5-6 Reps.
  • Rest 1 minute after every Reps.
  • Can do 3 sets of this.