Cenkos Securities Retain C2S Title of Champions of 'Six In The City'

Wednesday 10th September at the HAC Ground, London Cenkos Securities held their nerve to win in the last over of a superb day's cricket for the Chance to Shine's 'Six in the City' Trophy. Ladbrokes were proud supporters of the competition. "Six in the city involved 24 city teams (full list at the bottom of the article above). Initial preliminary rounds took place in June 2008 in order to whittle the 24 teams down to the 8 finalists - ABN Amro, Cenkos Securities, Denton Wilde Sapte, Mako Group, M&G Investments, McKinsey, Neptune Investment Mangement and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The prelims were followed by a Six in the City dinner on the 3rd of July at the HAC, hosted by Governor of the Bank of England and Chance to shine President Mervyn King. During the evening cricket legends including Devon Malcolm and Chris Lewis were auctioned off to the 8 finalists, raising £20,000 for the chance to shine campaign. The final was organised as a knock-out competition between the 8 teams with each innings consisting of 6, 5-ball overs. First round losers had the opportunity to play in a plate competition whilst the winners went on to compete for the real prize. Each team consisted of 6 players plus the auctioned off celebrity player won at the charity auction." James Romero Cricket Foundation A Chance to Shine Six in the City - Finals Day 10th September 2008 - HAC Ground Morning Games - First Round Neptune Investment Management 48-3 (5 ovs), Cenkos Securities 52-0 (3.4 ovs). Cenkos won by 5 wickets. Mako Sharks 38-4 (5 ovs), McKinsey & Company 39-2 (4.5 ovs). McKinsey won by 4 wickets. Plate Semi-Final 1 Neptune Investment Management 66-2 (5 ovs), Mako Sharks 51-1 (5 ovs). Neptune won by 15 runs. Main Semi-Final 1 Cenkos Securities 64-2 (5 ovs), McKinsey & Company 55-5 (5 ovs). Cenkos won by 9 runs. Afternoon Games - First Round PricewaterhouseCoopers 70-2 (5 ovs), ABN Ambro 71-3 (5 ovs). ABN Ambro won by 3 wickets. Denton Wilde Sapte 44-1 (5 ovs), M&G Investments 46-0 (3.5 ovs). M&G won by 6 wickets. Plate Semi-Final 2 Denton Wilde Sapte 72-2 (5 ovs), PricewaterhouseCoopers 45-1 (5 ovs). Denton Wilde Sapte won by 27 runs Main Semi-Final 2 ABN Ambro 57-2 (5 ovs), M&G Investments 60-2 (5 ovs). M&G won by 4 wickets. Plate Final Denton Wilde Sapte 56-3 (6 ovs), Neptune Investment Management 57-2 (5.4 ovs). Neptune won by 5 wickets. Grand Final Cenkos Securities 76-2 (6 ovs), M&G Investments 65-0 (6 ovs). Cenkos won by 11 runs. Jim White / Cricket World