Central Park Stadium Opts For SISIS Quadraplay

Central Park Stadium Opts For SISIS Quadraplay
Central Park Stadium Opts For SISIS Quadraplay
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Andy Chetram, Facilities Manager at England's longest greyhound track, Central Park Stadium, has purchased a SISIS Quadraplay to ensure the track remains in prime condition.

The 1.8 metre wide single pass maintenance system is equipped with a tilth rake, grooming rake and a levelling plate to help remove paw prints, smooth and level the surface ready for the next race, providing the greyhounds with a firm yet forgiving track to achieve the grip and speed they need.

"We've used SISIS equipment since 1997," Chetram said. "Before they moved, we had a football pitch in the centre of the dog track and used to share maintenance equipment with the football club, which was how we first knew about SISIS. When they moved, we inherited their Quadraplay machine.

"It's the main tool we use for the maintenance of the track between races because it saves us time and labour as it’s so wide. When the time came to purchase a new machine, there was only one choice for us. We love using the Quadraplay because it’s so simple to use with very little on-going maintenance as it has no moving parts as such," he added.

"Also, the service back-up that SISIS has given us over the years has been exceptional and I know I can get parts, such as new grooming tines, as and when they are required.

"We use the Quadraplay to train new track staff because it’s so easy to use. Because the machine has no hydraulics, we don’t have to modify our tractor and there is no risk of a hose splitting and oil spilling all over the track.

"This would be a catastrophe for us, meaning we’d have to close the track, causing a loss of revenue. With each event being screened live to bookmakers across the country, we just can’t take the risk."

The SISIS Quadraplay connects to any tractor via a three-point linkage and is used for fast and effective grooming of natural and synthetic turf and hard porous surfaces.

Up to four operations can be carried out at the same time with a range of implements including spikers, slitters, brushes, rakes, levelling lute, roller and garder plate to give the desired finish.

"It’s a very versatile system and we can also add new implements as and when we need to," Chetram said. "It’s a very forgiving frame which is built well. It does exactly what it say’s on the tin – it maintains our track to an excellent standard."

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