Chris Gayle's 175 - The Greatest T20 Innings?

Chris Gayle's 175 - The Greatest T20 Innings?
Chris Gayle's 175 - The Greatest T20 Innings?
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Chris Gayle's 175 not out in the IPL is possibly the greatest ever T20 innings there is ever likely to be. 175 from 66 balls with 17 sixes and, had he not by his own admission "slowed down" in the middle of his innings, it could have been 200!

The West Indies has given the cricket world batsmen like Gary Sobers, Brian Lara, Viv Richards and now Chris Gayle joins the greats of West Indian cricket.

Twenty20 cricket is here to stay, and the financial rewards that go with all the tournaments around the world, suggest that it has a bright future.

The significance of this innings is that with the longer format of cricket – ODI and Test cricket, the boundaries of what can be scored in the final overs are forever being pushed wider and wider. That is good for T20 but also for cricket as a whole.

From a cricket betting perspective, one of the best ways of keeping up with action is with online bookmakers who have all the up to information on cricket around the world.

The history of cricket betting goes right back to the origins of the game. In 1711 the County of Kent played All England, money was wagered, and there was a law-suit to recover the debt. The Judge said ‘Cricket is, to be sure, a manly game and not bad in itself, but it is the ill-use that is made of it by betting above 10 shillings on it that is bad’.

Let’s get this straight, betting has been around Sport, and Cricket , since it began. What we have witnessed, in recent years, with the bribery and corruption scandals in Cricket, was a reflection on the state of the Game at the time and the relationship between the Players and their Administrators.

Whether you think that betting is a good or bad thing is a matter for each individual to decide. The fact of the matter is, is that betting is here to stay and the Cricketing Authorities should embrace the betting industry, as the Horse Racing Authorities do, and derive a substantial income out of the relationship. By working more closely together the cricketing authorities and the betting industry should also be able to ‘police’ the potential corruptions in the future.

Whether or not cricket betting will have a closer relationship with governing bodies is not certain, however, betting whether anyone will score more than 175 in a T20 match again – well that’s another matter!