Close Fielding Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Close Fielding Training Drills with Chinmoy Roy as he again joins Cricket World TV. Chinmoy's masterclass in fielding drills is for the club cricketer up to the professional level.

Set up

  • 3 agility poles are placed as station 1,2, and 3.
  • 20 metres from the station 1 place station 2 diagonally. 
  • Station 3 is similarly diagonally 20 metres from station 1.
  • Station 4 is in straight line with station 1 and 10 metres from it.
  • 15 metres from station 4  place a spring stump and the coach stands there with 2 cricket ball.
  • Diagonally about 10 metres from station 1 place two ladders in the shape of English L.
  • Similarly 10 metres diagonally from station 1 place 4 speed hurdles 6 inches in height in a line. Space about one foot between two hurdles.

Technical Cue

  • During quick feet inside the ladder try to reduce ground contact time by being on the ball of the feet and using feather touch on ground. 
  • Remember one foot acts as plant and the other as pivot. It keeps changing. Transferring weight from one feet to other is the key. 

Reps and sets

  • After one repetition rest for 45 seconds
  • Do 6 reps and rest for 5 minutes
  • Do 3 sets of this
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