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Cloudbet airdropping Bitcoin


The bears for Bitcoin have decided to walk away from the markets, for now, leaving it to the bulls, and traders are not the only ones taking notice of this turn of events. Cloudbet, noticing the recent trend up in the value of Bitcoin, has decided to allow users to participate in the rush and introduced a new concept for their platform. Cloudbet's plan is that the company will allow new users that register on the platform to start betting on their cricket games to have a chance at getting their hands on some BTC betting tickets. This is an exciting opportunity for most gamers, as it presents them with a chance to get their foot wet in the pond of cryptocurrencies, while also getting their hands on some huge winnings. The details of the competition are clear but winning the money that you want can be a bit more complicated than simply getting into the program from the beginning. So, let us talk about the opportunity, why cricket is the perfect vessel for it and how you can start getting into the whole thing yourself.

Getting a chance to win Bitcoin with cricket

There is nothing more a cricket fan wants to do than to earn money by through cricket. Unfortunately, just being a fan of cricket does not lend itself well to being able to make money with cricket and not every one of us is capable of easily establishing ourselves as cricket sports professionals. Thankfully, there is always the option of trying to use the knowledge that we do have as fans to be able to make the money we want. One way of doing so is starting to bet on cricket match outcomes. The process might involve a lot of effort and a lot of knowledge, but with a bit of luck, it can give the betters a chance to get the BTC starting capital they need to start and keep trading after that. It is as useful as any other BTC tool for trading to get started, but we are getting off track here.

The Cloudbet airdrop is in no way a traditional airdrop, as usually airdrops happen at the inception of a company and provide money for free to the users who participate in the airdrop. IN the case of cloudlet, the Airdrop is more of a no deposit bonus than anything else. New users will be allowed to register every day and the first 500 to do so will be able to receive a betting credit in Bitcoin form. Then they will have to place six bets on six cricket games and, if all six bets turn out to be true, the winner will be allowed to keep all the prize money. Airdrops often ask for a certain kind of service in return for receiving Bitcoins and in the case of Cloudbet, the cricket betting can be a sort of service. Although, and we repeat again, all of this reads more like a bonus rather than as an airdrop, but hey, if you get the opportunity to win a whole lot of BTC for basically free, who is complaining right?

Well, it is still advised to be careful when choosing to work with this airdrop. While Cloudbet is known to be a reliable company, betting is mostly considered to be a high-risk activity, even if it is a sport that you are intimately acquainted with. Also, remember that having the ability to bet Bitcoin does not mean that you have Bitcoin, it just means that you are free to go on betting. Only once all your bets have turned out to be true will you be able to actually receive the BTC that was promised, so watch out!

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