Club & Ground - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Dennis Mowers

Over the last couple of weekends, groundsmen around the UK have been preparing for the new season and managing to get their first grass cut in.

The ‘first cut’ we were aware of was posted by Lord’s cricket ground and we have a great one from Worcestershire CCC showing just how much work has gone in since the flooding.

We have had many flooded cricket ground images posted as well and we wish them all the best with their recovery programmes. 

Here are some useful tips for club groundsmen for March:

  • Make sure the square is ‘squared off’- use semi-permanent markings with a 3,4,5 triangle to obtain the correct right-angles
  • Keep an eye on fungal disease attack and use approved fungicides
  • Square – brush and sweep prior to mowing - the mowing height on the square should be lowered to about 15-18mm by the end of March (remember not to remove more than a third of grass height in each cut)and rolling should be started by mid-month with the lightest mower – consolidation is your aim and this can only be achieved by a gradual build-up of roller weight
  • Outfield – check for any damage or mole/rabbit activity – repair and over seed – the outfield cut height should be reduced to 20-25mm (remember not to remove more than a third of grass height in each cut) by the end of March
  • Artificial wickets or nets – surfaces should be cleaned with regular brushing and sweeping. In addition, remove any algae and moss from the surface

SISIS Groundcare Machinery

We will be publishing regular groundcare features throughout the year so keep tuned in to this section of the website and any special offers on cricket ground equipment and machinery via social media.