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Codsall Cricket Club

Codsall Cricket Club was founded in 1897 by a group of men who lived in the surrounding area.

Address: Codsall Village Hall, Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Nr. Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, WV8 1PW

Website: Click Here

Phone: 07986 538632

Codsall Cricket Club was founded in 1897 by a group of men who lived in the surrounding area. Codsall Cricket Club is a very rare commodity as we are one of the only clubs that are still active today with our existence totalling well over one hundred years, this is despite never owning our own ground and moving location on a number of numerous occasions.


We have always been a small village cricket club and a very much family orientated club at that, things have not changed in over one hundred years as our ethos remains very much the same. In 1912 after only fifteen years in existence the club folded, the cause of this was very much the dedication of our members with large numbers joining the Territorial Army who in that very year were heavily recruiting.

Years went by without the village of Codsall having a cricket club and as a result whole generations missed out on what could have been a successful period for our club. However in 1947 the club was formed once again with Colonel Parks as president and Cyril Marshall as chairman, our pitch was to be at the Elliot’s Lane school and it was certainly far from perfect!

There was only one strip available and this was used by the school during the week and then the cricket club on the weekend, by midseason it was definitely ‘interesting’ as today’s pundits would say. However after four years our short stay at the school was over due to the relationship becoming strained between ourselves and the local authorities, Codsall Cricket Club was on the road once again.

Our history is a slightly confusing one which involved numerous ground changes and regular changes of personal but the core of our club always remained the same, one of a determined nature and due to the goodwill of so many individuals we continued to remain afloat. The next move for Codsall was to a quarry near Histon’s hill for just a single year until this was turned into a landfill site and we were then subject to a return to the school.

On the brink of collapse once again we knew that stability was required for the future as in 1957 the school once again moved us along. We then found stability in 1961 when we moved to Codsall Village Hall where we remain to this current day. Where finding somewhere to play was often a reoccurring issue for Codsall, playing matters most certainly were not and we have locked horns with many a club who dwarf us in stature but have still managed to match them on the field.

From the 1970s we played in the Border Counties League against teams from as far as Newtown in Wales where we developed a strong core to our team and we were very competitive. Unfortunately the Border Counties League was dissolved in 1991 after our team competing so gracefully within it for two decades, we were then seeking a league to partake in and we found one in the strong competition of the Staffordshire Clubs Cricket League.

Today we still field two strong teams in the ever growing Staffordshire Clubs Cricket League and the league itself really is a pleasure to play in with our Codsall team becoming a stronger force each season.

The last real important part of my concise version of our club’s history is the emergence of our youth set up which has continued to grow immensely since it was started at the beginning of the new millennium. As of 2014 our first XI is set to consist of roughly eight players who have come through our own youth set up, this feat should not be disregarded as the youth team’s which we field continue to be at the forefront of our vision to take this little village club to the next level.